“Above average teaching and learning performance”, summarises the twelve staff expectations of this school!

To achieve this, we are ALL expected to:
1. Treat our students as if they were our own children.
2. Guarantee that we will do our individual part in ensuring the safety and welfare of all of our children attending this school.
3. Build on the talents that children bring to the learning/teaching partnership.
4. Contribute to the development of personal confidence and self-esteem of our students as a pre-condition for effective learning.
5. Show that we value individual health and fitness for optimum learning and teaching.
6. Focus on the development of literacy in the English language as the number 1, priority curriculum area.
7. Focus on the development of numeracy as the number 2, priority curriculum area.
8. Plan and deliver relevant and effective teaching in other Victorian Curriculum areas, as time allows.
9. Make sure that we continue to develop our own skills and knowledge in relation to educational research and learning technologies and the opportunities for enhanced teaching and learning that they may present.
10. Do our part to make sure that school is a place where children look forward to coming to every day.
11. Encourage the development of effective staff/parent relationships and partnerships.
12. Develop Networks and other links with the community and other providers beyond the immediate school community.