Peer Activity Leaders

PAL is a program that works to promote physical activity, school connectedness and social competency. This program allows for a select group of Grade 6 students to demonstrate leadership skills and responsibility through running a variety of activities within the school at recess time.

A key aspect of the program is increasing participation among those who may be isolated at school or not involved in physical activity outside of P. E classes. This is achieved through the targeting of specific participants, the skills of the leaders and the games and activities chosen.


Aims of the Program:

•         Increased physical activity at recess.

•         Foster self confidence and social competency skills of all participants.

•         Enhance relationships between students and staff.

•         Build leadership skills including organisation, management and teamwork.

•         Enhance interaction between student year levels.


Benefits of PAL for Student Leaders:

•         Leadership skills such as communication, decision making, organisation, managing groups and peer support.

•         Social skills including planning, initiative, co-operation, self esteem, confidence, relationship building, teamwork and peer support.

•         Satisfaction through assisting younger students.

•         Skills to increase the participation of younger students.

•         Skills that will assist with managing and running groups


Benefits of PAL for Participants:

•         Increased participation in physical activity.

•         Skills through modelling behaviour of Grade 6 PAL leaders.

•         Physical activity skills and increased fitness.

•         Increased confidence and a sense of teamwork.

•         Physical confidence.

•         Increased interaction with older school students.

•         Increased relationship with peers.


Our PAL Leaders for 2020 are:

6V: Karlo, Revelation, Jayden, Madina, Arda, Patience, Ali, Farah, Hrishoth.

6K: Bol, Aura, Joshua, Isabella, Amir, Tame, Abhinav, Sahel.
6D: Raenne, Connie, Sajeda, Baris, Berrin, Aminah.

6L: Fatima, Nazif, Zahra.
6A: Chloe, Fatima.