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19th November 2019

News From the North

2020 School Captain Nominee Speeches

As we head towards the end of the 2019 school year, it means that it will be time to farewell the current School Captains and Leadership Team members as we  look to the new children on the block - the 2019 Year 5’s.

Students were asked last week  if they wished to present a speech in order to become School Captain for 2020. So on Wednesday and Thursday, Mr Hilton, Year 5 teachers, some Year 6 staff and specialist teachers were the audience for the presentation of student speeches.

As usual, it is always a wonderful celebration of achievement to see the students prepare and present a speech - even if a little nervously - to the audience. They all spoke about their love for Dandenong North and how it is truly a wonderful school to be a part of.

Their greatest wish is to  be the School Captain that helps others and continues to make DNPS a great school through acts of kindness. So it is particularly difficult to select only 10 students from the 33 who presented - as each one had good reasons for their nominations. - and the competition was so good that this year we selected 11 to present.

So after much discussion it was decided that the following students would have the opportunity to present their speech at yesterday’s assembly.

Hrishoth (5H), Chudier (5F), Ibrahim (5CW), Hamidah (5L), Chloe (5H), Aminah (5F), Yalda (5F), Ananya (5L), Zahra M (5CW), Sahar (5D)  and Marko (5H).

Unfortunately Marko was unable to present due to illness - however the rest of the nominees presented with clarity and confidence. It will be a particularly difficult decision for Mr Mackay, Mr Hilton and Mrs Mackay to make and we look forward in anticipation to hearing our 2020 leaders announced on the last assembly of the year.


Malone Medallions

At Monday’s assembly, Mr Malone proudly presented five Malone Medallions to students in Year 6 who have shown their sporting development over the past 2 to 3 years. Below are the winners and their achievements.


Asma (6HK)

Asma has represented Dandenong North at the District and Division Cross Country for the past 3 years. Her best performance was this year, where she placed 3rd at the District Cross Country. Asma has also participated in the District Athletics for the past three years in hurdles, high jump, discus and the 1500m race. Her best result was to make it through the Divisional and District Athletics where she placed first in the 1500m – progressing through to the Regional Athletics where she placed 6th. Mr Malone also said that she was a very good soccer player! Congratulations Asma.


Haris (6D)

Haris is a wonderful soccer player who had the opportunity to try out for State selection which is a fantastic achievement. He has participated in the Cross Country for three years – beginning in 2017 when he competed under age – placing 9th. This pattern of courage has continued on to 2019 when he placed 1st in the Division Cross Country – what an effort! Haris has also participated in the District Athletics for 3 years, making it through to the Divisional Athletics 2 of these years. His best performance was in the 1500m where he progressed through to the Regional Athletics, placing 4th. What a super effort, Haris!


Alex (6D)

Another fantastic sporting achievement sees Alex making it through to State selection in AFL and Cricket. He has been asked to train with the Melbourne Academy Football Club as well as  to try out for the State cricket team as a wicketkeeper!

Alex has attended cross country in the past three years with his greatest success coming this year when he placed 2nd in both the District and  Divisional Cross Country meets. He has participated in District Athletics, representing DNPS in the hurdles, long jump, 4x100m relay, 800m and 1500m races. His greatest success was this year when he placed 4th in the hurdles at the Regional Athletics. Congratulations Alex!


Noah (6A)

Noah displays excellent sportsmanship at all times and is always on task during Physical Education classes. He attends Little Athletics on the weekend and has also represented DNPS at the Divisional interschool tennis championships.

Noah has participated in Cross Country events for the past three years with his best result coming in 2017 when he placed 4th in the Divisional races. Noah has also been a fantastic competitor at the Athletics meets in the 1500m, 800m, long jump and triple jump. His best result came this year when he placed 2nd in the 800m at the Divisional athletics. What a fabulous effort from Noah!


Kebek (6D)

Kebek always gives her best effort and displays sportsmanship whenever she is competing. Kebek has participated in the Cross Country for the last three years, with her best result coming this year when she placed 5th at the Division Cross Country. However she could have performed better in 2018, but she broke her ankle – so it’s a case of what might have been?

Kebek has participated in the athletics in 2017 and 2019 (not in 2018 because she was recovering from her ankle injury). Her best result was in 2017 when she placed 4th in the 1500m at the Divisional Athletics. Another sterling effort by a student at DNPS – well done Kebek!

Congratulations to all of the Malone Medallion winners!

Mr Lodge to Retire

It seems to be the year of retirements! Last week we wrote about the retirement of Mr Malone and this week it is Mr Lodge! Technically this is Mr Lodge’s second retirement - but regardless he will be missed!

Mr Lodge has been at school his whole life! Beginning in 1950 when he was a student at Primary School. Through to 1963 where he undertook a studentship (paid to study). Then in 1965 he was  provided with his first teaching placement to a rural school of 26 children called Yalca South P.S. where he was the head teacher.

In 1968 he moved from the country and became a relief teacher in the metropolitan area before beginning work at Moorabin West P.S. in 1970. For the next 20 years, Mr Lodge worked at various schools across the metropolitan and peninsula areas, finally stopping at Dandenong South P.S. in 1990 where he was made a Senior Teacher.

It wasn't long before Mr Lodge’s leadership was noted and he was promoted to Assistant Principal in 1992.

In 1994, he was then  promoted to become the Principal at Greenslopes Primary School - which is now a campus of Emerson School. After 5 years as Principal, Mr Lodge was ready to further challenge himself, so he retired and began a consultancy agency. This firm worked with schools from 1999 to 2006 helping to look at the data associated with school performance and how schools can develop programs to address student needs.

His passion has always been inside a school, therefore in 2006 he came to Dandenong North as the Welfare Officer - working three days - allowing him time to spend with his grandkids.

Mr Lodge took up the role as Student Wellbeing Officer in 2019 and he has continued to make great connections with our students. Mr Lodge has continued to impart his wisdom to staff and students throughout his fortnightly classroom visits.

Mr Lodge is hoping to stay connected to DNPS in some manner - on a casual basis in 2020.

For now we would like to thank Mr Lodge for all of his wonderful work with the students and wish him all the very best for his last retirement.

Best wishes, Mr Lodge.!

2020 Enrolments

We are currently in the process of organising grades and teaching staff for next year and it is very important for us to know our enrolment numbers for 2020.

If you know that your child will not be attending Dandenong North next year, could you please write a letter informing the Office staff of your 2020 intentions or print off the slip below and either return it to your child’s classroom teacher or to the office staff as soon as possible.

We thank you in advance.

We thank you for your assistance

Hats and Lost Property

This is just a reminder that as it is Term Four it is time for students to wear their school hats during all outside play. This includes play and lunch times as well as all outside sporting events.

As Dandenong North is a  Sun Smart School it is expected that students will wear a navy blue school hat (broad brimmed , legionnaire or bucket), during Terms 1 and 4 of the school year.

All children should have their own hat and it should be brought to school everyday or alternatively it can be left in classrooms.

Hats can be purchased from the office.

The hats provided by  the EAL teachers are only for borrowing in case of emergencies or forgetfulness. Some class teachers have “spare” hats that can be borrowed in emergencies - however there is an expectation that all children will have their own school hat.

It is also a timely reminder that there is a large amount of jumpers, drink bottles, hats, lunchboxes etc, piling up outside the Multipurpose room.

If your child has lost an item, please have them check this area for their items.

At the end of the year, all items will be donated to local charities or thrown in the bin - so please take the time to check over these items for ownership.







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