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31st March 2021


This term has been such a busy term with our students, teachers, and no doubt parents, all so happy to have learning taking place at school. We did, however, all draw a collective breath when we went back into a short lockdown in mid February. Fortunately, everyone was able to  return to learning in their classrooms and  the joy of  being with friends, playing and exercising in the playground. The things that we once took for granted, and even sometimes complained about, are now viewed with great appreciation.

Teachers new to our school in 2021 are well settled  and loving their place amongst a great team of teachers and experiencing the fulfilment of providing our students with a great education. Our students, as always, are showing great enthusiasm for learning and are working so hard to catch up on learning and opportunities they missed during our time of remote learning. On the whole our assessment results have shown just how hard everyone, including parents, worked throughout last year and our year 3 and 5 students seem to be looking forward to the challenge of NAPLAN in May.

Our staff  worked very hard over the two Curriculum Days and have returned to school with new knowledge about the latest research in how best to teach oral Literacy, ICT and advanced Numeracy skills. This knowledge and application of research is also being integrated into our Tutor Program. The Tutor Program is designed to help students who missed some learning last year and has been operating through much of term 1.

We wish everyone a restful and safe holiday and look forward to returning to school on Monday 19th April.


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School Spirit Awards

Last week the Term 1 School Spirit Awards were presented and celebrated at our first outdoor assembly for 2021 . The nominees for this award  all showed the outstanding qualities and achievements that have been required throughout the term.

It was extremely difficult to select just one winner from each year level and all  children should be very proud of themselves.

1LH       Derek

Derek is an extremely deserving winner of our School Spirit award for term one. He demonstrates a true love of learning and takes great pride in all of the learning tasks that he completes. Derek demonstrates our school values at all times throughout the school day and is always the first to offer his help. Well done on all that you have achieved Derek and continue being you as you truly are amazing!

2V Kriti

Kriti is a student who always strives for excellence. She is an eager learner who is curious about all areas of the curriculum and likes to question and challenge her teacher. Kriti has a caring nature and continuously follows the four C’s. This term, she has particularly displayed kindness and friendliness when welcoming our new student to the class, making our new student feel a warm welcome to the grade. Well done Kriti, a great start to the year! Keep it up.

3A Sajid

Sajid, what a phenomenal start to the year you have had! I always see you diligently working with your head down and brain switched on. The enthusiasm and can-do attitude you bring to your learning is refreshing, especially when you dedicate all of yourself to your work and take such pride in the learning you produce. It is always a wonderful moment when you can share your work with the class as I can see how proud of yourself you are. withthe school values which sets the standard for your peers in 3A. You are an energetic, inclusive, and thoughtful student and we are so very lucky to have you in our class this year.  

 4B Jixon

Jixon lights up our classroom with his enthusiasm. This term he has tried his best to listen carefully in class and respectfully respond to others’ ideas. This is especially evident in maths lessons where he really enjoys providing explanation for ways to get an answer, which helps him to discover different strategies and reason. Jixon’s friendly and happy disposition often makes those around him smile. Keep up the awesome effort Jixon!

5K Hadi

For your SUPER attitude and enthusiasm towards learning. You are an example to other students during literacy sessions, where you apply learned skills and feedback to your writing. I have been extremely impressed with your initiative to up-level your writing through the use of word banks and thesauruses. You bring so much joy to 5K with your positive attitude and always brighten up the class. It has been a pleasure teaching you. this term. Keep up the wonderful work! 

6F Janusha

Janusha deserves the school spirit award like no other. She has always, without doubt, modelled the DNPS school spirit to other students at our school. Janusha is committed to showing excellence, perseverance, and determination in everything she does. Her passion for learning and improving is evident in all areas of school. Janusha is not just a hard worker though; she is also a caring, kindhearted and generous friend who will happily give up her time to help.  



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