Peer Mediators

Peer Mediation is when students help other students to find a way of solving problems, fights or arguments. The students who are having the problem meet with two trained mediators to say what the problem is for them and how they feel about it. The mediators then help them to pick out what they each need for the problem to be solved. A solution which meets each person’s needs is chosen and an agreement is written down.

It is a voluntary and confidential process bound by specific ground rules. It follows a 6 step formula that assists students to work through immediate problems, take responsibility for generating their own solutions, agree on those that are practical and acceptable to both students and then work at implementing these. In doing so it enables children to develop a basis for future problem solving.

Students take part in a whole day training session learning skills such as being active listeners, ways to solve conflict, communication skills and team work. They also participate in role plays to practise how to mediate a problem. 

Peer Mediators wear a special orange vest and are on duty each recess and lunch time to assist children who are having some disputes in the playground or to help children find friends to play with.



2022 Peer Mediators






Aamir S

Samrawit G Amelia K Sia S Manonith S

Lydia C

Prisha S Malika M Bavishana V Suryadev M

Awais R

  Yuhan R Muwahib M Milica M

Swetha M

  Samaana A Fatima A Uday C
Ekaksh K     Hayley D Mysha N

Hadi R

    Jaylen S Zafran H

Haisha S

      Sahana S

Zahra M

      Zahra A
Sammi T