The implementation of the Mathematics Program at Dandenong North is based on direct, explicit teaching with the use of concrete
materials. This teaching philosophy allows students to develop the foundational skills required for them to be able to solve problems that are essential to everyday life. 


The Mathematics Program is delivered daily with the focus on the Mathematical dimensions of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Student progress is measured against the standards outlined in the Victorian Curriculum using diagnostic testing. This strong focus on assessment ensures that the required knowledge is being attained and will determine the types of learning experiences needed; as well as the strategies that need to be employed to meet the needs of individual children.


At Dandenong North we believe that all of our children can achieve success in the Mathematics domain. Children who are not achieving at the expected levels in Years 3-6 attend small group intervention classes that concentrate on the dimension of Number and Algebra, which aims to make all of our children numerate. This smaller setting allows children to ask questions and it is designed to meet the individual needs, build knowledge, skills and confidence at an increased pace.


Children who are achieving above  expected levels in Years 5&6 are provided with many opportunities to extend and enrich their mathematical learning through their attendance of a Mathematical Extension Program.  These children are taught by a Mathematics Specialist Teacher, who plans challenging activities and mathematical based projects.


Michael Ymer is a Mathematics consultant to Dandenong North, providing professional development for our staff in the form of demonstrating lessons and lesson delivery. 



Through the implementation of our Mathematics Program, students will have an understanding of mathematical concepts, as well as a positive attitude towards this curriculum area.