At Dandenong North we have the belief that being literate is the foundation for a successful future. As part of the Victorian Curriculum, teachers plan and implement lessons that cater for individual differences. From Prep to Year 6 we focus on developing every child’s skill and knowledge in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Spelling, Handwriting, Grammar and Punctuation; through the implementation of a structured, sequential program which uses explicit teaching techniques.


Rigorous, intensive English sessions are taught everyday at Dandenong North. Across the school, our Literacy Program builds on the students' previous learning through the incorporation of whole class teaching, children working in small ability groupings on set tasks to meet their individual needs, as well as students working independently on authentic learning experiences.  A range of reading materials and techniques including Reciprocal Teaching are employed to develop a student’s literal and inferential comprehension. Each classroom utilises Educational Support Staff, who have been trained to assist teachers with the implementation of their Literacy Program, which promotes students' Literacy development at a rapid rate.


To support the educational growth of individuals in the Domain of English, we provide the following intervention and extension programs to meet the specific learning needs of our students:

  •  Reading Readiness: Prep students who require extra support in preparation for reading are provided with this program to develop  and strengthen their pre-reading skills.
  •  Reading Intervention: Years Prep–3 students have the opportunity to attend an intervention program which assists those students who are not achieving at expected levels. This Reading Intervention Program is intensive and individualised, which accelerates student development through daily participation.
  • Extension Writing Program: Years 3-6 students who are achieving above expected levels in Writing participate in this program.
  • The Speech Therapy Program: All students who require assistance with speech development have the opportunity to participate in this program.
  •  A high quality 3- Phase EAL Program which allows children to accelerate their acquisition of the English language.




On enrolment students are assessed and monitored using the  Dandenong North Assessment Schedule, which  includes diagnostic testing and the standards outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.  The information gained from these assessments, determines the detailed, sequential approach taken by the teacher, to cater for the educational needs of our students.


We aim for all of our children to achieve Literacy results that will allow them to experience success and to reach their full potential.