Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a group of students elected by their peers to represent all students within the school community. The SRC provides all students with a voice. The SRC provides students with some opportunities to influence school decision-making as it applies to student amenities and activities of the SRC that might occupy student discretionary time. Recommendations from the SRC may be considered by the adult SRC from time to time. 


The SRC President and the SRC Coordinator are responsible for running the meetings. Throughout the year the council regularly meets to discuss any issues, ideas, suggestions, and requests for changes to school practice that will make our school and the community a better place. 


Each year, the Student Representative Council (SRC) strives to represent all students at Dandenong North Primary School. Our goal is to listen and create an atmosphere within the school where all students can have a say. We plan to hold entertaining activities for students to participate in and to raise money for charities and organisations to support and make a difference in people’s lives.  























My role as SRC President

The SRC President is the leader of the Student Representative Council.  The elected President will be announced during the last school assembly and will commence the role the following year (grade 6). The SRC members from each class will be elected and that year’s SRC committee will be established.

Being elected as the SRC President is an absolute privilege. So, what does this role mean to a young leader like me? This special role not only gave me the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills, it also gave me the opportunity to build further confidence in public speaking, writing articles and working within a tight deadline.

The role requires great listening skills and the ability to evaluate the suggestions made by fellow SRC members and plan the steps and actions to be taken. More importantly the ability to convey them to the SRC Coordinator and the School Principal for consideration and approval.

This special role does not only require a lot of responsibility and commitment it also requires creativity and the ability to be able to think out of the square.

An SRC President needs to be approachable and have the skills to communicate with others which is extremely important in this role.

It is a great feeling to be able to help, support and guide the SRC members with the development in their role.

Organising events and raising funds for charities are a very important part of the SRC. The SRC President delegates and assists the running of the various events and fundraisers put in place by the SRC. By organising fundraising events, as a school we are not only raising money we are also raising awareness and showing the people affected and their loved ones that they are not alone, and we care.

All these skills we acquire and further develop are extremely important in our day-to-day lives and will be even more important in our adolescent years and career. The experiences we gain from this very important role are the steps leading to success in life.


The SRC President’s roles and responsibilities are to:

- Be a Role Model both within the school and the community.

- Lead and encourage student leadership in the school community.

- Promote and encourage positive interaction between SRC members and students.

- Mentor the SRC members and help with the development of their leadership skills.

- Delegate and assist the running of the various events and fundraisers put in place by the SRC.

- Ensure that the relevant agenda is prepared for the weekly SRC meeting.

- Prepare and deliver speeches and presentations.

- Writing and assisting other SRC members in writing articles for the school’s Newsletter.

- Meeting with the School Principal (Mr Mackay) to discuss and obtain approval for events, fundraisers, and articles.



Year 6 SRC President 2022