House Captains

Each Year 6 student is able to nominate themselves for the House leadership positions. Children in Years 5 and 6 are able to vote for the Year 6 child who they think will best lead their House for the year, with Mr. Hilton having the final approval. It is an honour to be selected for one of these positions. The House teams have special significance to Dandenong North Primary as they are the surnames of the parents who formed the first ever school council in the early 1970’s and were a major reason for the development of the excellent facilities when our school was first built. Congratulations to the Leaders of these Houses.



                                                         Evin (VC) Chudiar (C ) Vigashni (C ) Saba (VC


                                                       Saba N (VC) Miheli (C ) Ansh (C) Carlo (VC) (absent)



                                                    Omer (VC) Mushab (C ) Zinat (C )  Dephne (VC)



                                               Lithika (VC) Madina (C )Ahemadkabir (C ) Dawoud (VC)