Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 homepage. Check out the following websites which we use in class, and students can access from home. 


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During Mathematics, we will be focusing a lot on measurement. Students will have the opportunity to measure, order and compare the length, area, mass or capacity of different objects. Students will also investigate 3D shapes, symmetry and angles. Furthermore, students will be continuing to revise their 2,3,5 and 10s times tables.


In Reading this term, we have a brand new unit all about the Australian novel ‘Storm Boy’. We will be looking at how Colin Thiele creates the setting and exploring the different characters at the beginning of the story. Other texts we study this term include, ‘The Water Tower’ and ‘The Wisp’. The students are doing so well with their ‘Reading for Pleasure’. They are selecting great books to read and noting down their thinking using a range of sentence stems such as: I think… Maybe… I predict… This reminds me of… Why did… This made me feel… I can imagine…

In Year 3, it is still important children read at home every night, it is the most important homework they can do. 10 minutes every night can really make a difference to your child’s reading. Please remember to sign the reading diary every night.


Our ‘Talk for Writing’ unit is based on ‘Adventure at Sandy Cove’, which is a suspense narrative. Students are going to have the opportunity to write their own story, learning the art of ‘Show don’t Tell’ and how to create suspense by bringing the setting to life through our senses. We will also be learning the structure of a scientific report and learning how to write up our experiments from our themed unit ‘Melting Moments’.