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Term 2, 2021

Term 2 is an exciting time for all Prep children. We begin the term learning about Life on a Farm and venture to Myuna Farm by bus, in week 5.

After that, we care for eggs in an incubator, watch them hatch and hand raise the chicks for two weeks. Feeding, caring and watching chicks grow brings an excitement to all our students and they learn many facts about the life cycle of a chicken.

For our ‘Talk For Writing’ unit we are learning the story, Rosie’s Walk. The children will come home enthusiastically retelling this story with actions.  

During Mathematics, we will be focusing on counting numbers, forwards and backwards. We will be making small collections by making our own farms with a variety of animals and explaining what we have made and how many animals in each paddock or pen.  

We will revise 2D shapes using them to make patterns and finding them in our environment. We will continue to pose questions and collect data which we will then represent in a class graph.

The children have been counting how many days they have been at school and we can’t wait to celebrate the first 50 with exiting activities planned!


The Prep Team


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