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22nd June 2021

News From the North

Term 2 Holidays

It is difficult to believe that yet another school term is about to come to an end. It feels as though we only just started back at school for the year and now here we are half way through it! It certainly has been yet another fantastic term and we have accomplished so much. We have endured another two week lockdown with online learning. Our parents and children did their best to work through this difficult time and as a community we appreciate everyone’s best efforts. We must also celebrate our students and their flexibility in returning to onsite learning for the last two weeks of the term.

Earlier this term we also had the exciting announcement of the six million dollar budget allocation for a Gymnasium and the redevelopment of the hall. For those staff and families who have been a part of the Dandenong North Community over many years, understand how long we have been waiting for this to occur and for all of our new families who have not yet been able to attend an assembly due to COVID, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of Mr Mackay’s labours - as he has been advocating for this new Gymnasium for over 20 years!

We hope that all of our families have the opportunity to get out and about these holidays and share some new experiences that our students can then tell us about when they return.

We look forward to having everyone back onsite when school resumes on Monday, 12th July for what is sure to be another action packed term.

Term 2 School Spirit Awards

At the final assembly for term 2, Mrs. Mackay presented the School Spirit Awards. It was fabulous to hear the great reasons why the children were nominated. Some of the reasons included their dedication to their studies during remote learning as well as what great friends they are to their peers.

One student from each year level was chosen to receive the termly School Spirit Award.

Please read the names of the nominees on the next page, along with the  winners of  the School Spirit Award for Term 2.

Prep A - Santana

1O - Eileen

3N - Maevis

5H - Hafez Ali

Prep H - Nidha

1T - Imaiya

3V - Mia

5K - Rakshana

Prep MP - Hekmatullah

2C - Aliza

4B - Janiya

5L - Yuhan

Prep O - Zafirah

2M - Nilofar

4DM - Murtaza

6C - Keerthana

Prep Y - Maerweina

2N - Homeyra

4N - Rayan

6F - Anushka

1F - Fariha

2T - Felicia

4P - Saba

6G - Akshaj

1H - Tatum

2V - Om

4SN - Donna

6L - Hijraan

1LH - Kumeil

3A - Alice

5D - Sherroch


1M - Moussa

3F - Moses

5FC - Elliesha



The winner from Prep:

Maerweina (Prep Y)

Maerweina demonstrates the 4 C’s by always trying her best in the classroom and being kind to all her classmates and peers. She always offers her helping hand to those in need whether it be helping with school work or playing with someone who can’t find their friends. She makes sensible decisions both inside and outside of the classroom and is a great role model for her class. She should be proud of her care towards others and her ability to easily work in team situations.



The winner from Year 1:

Eileen (1O)

This school spirit nomination goes to Eileen for her continuous perseverance and optimistic attitude! She always takes initiative to help around the classroom and tries her best in all she does. Eileen consistently uses her manners and listens attentively when others are speaking. It was outstanding to see your determination to complete all set tasks throughout remote learning. Superb effort, Eileen!


The winner from Year  2:

Om  (2V)

For showing great growth and interest in his learning throughout the semester. Om is a wonderful member of 2V who brightens up the classroom every day! He is a kind and caring friend who is always there to offer a helping hand. This term, Om has tried his hardest to grow his number skills and has been practising his fast facts daily. Miss V has noticed a tremendous improvement in your speed to answer sums and you should be very proud of all of your efforts and achievements so far. Well done Om, keep on reaching for the stars!


The winner from Year  3:

Maevis  (3N)

For shining so bright throughout this term! Watching Maevis’ confidence grow each day has been such a delightful experience. She feels no judgement to just be herself and this is obvious when she stands up in front of the class to inform us about important SRC updates but also, she doesn’t judge anyone else and she will be an amazing partner to anyone who needs some help. Additionally, Maevis has so many great ideas and observations and now she will happily share them during our discussions and we love hearing from her! Keep being true to yourself, Maevis! You are absolutely amazing!



The winner from Year 4:

Donna (4SN)

Donna is such an enthusiastic student; she is an absolute delight to teach. She has a friendly and pleasant nature that is appreciated by all who interact with her. Donna is fearless when learning new things and is not afraid to make mistakes; she has a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude. She is a wonderful role model and we are very proud to have her in our class.



The winner from Year  5:

Hafez Ali  (5H)

The School Spirit Award is a celebration of academic and social development within our school. Therefore Hafez Ali is a deserving recipient from the 5H classroom. He is caring of his peers and teachers as well as being considerate in group work situations. Hafez Ali has shown great improvement in his overall attitude to learning this term. Importantly, during the recent lockdown, Hafez Ali completed all tasks to a high standard. Well done Hafez Ali.



The winner from Year  6:

Anushka  (6F)

Anushka is an exemplary student at DNPS. She is a devoted, inquisitive and committed learner, who always wants to achieve more! She is intent on being the best student she can be. Anushka is also an optimistic student, who always displays the 4C’s with a big friendly smile on her face. It also is second nature for her to show care and empathy for those in need, making her the ultimate DNPS student.

Student Reports/Parent-Teacher Interviews Date  Changes

Student Reports

Mid year reports are currently in the process of being collated and due to the recent lockdown, they have been delayed and will now go home on the last Friday of Term 2 - 25th June. 

These reports will be in line with the report format prior to lockdown.

  • A course overview has been completed for each subject.
  • An assessment of student learning for English, Mathematics and Physical Education has been provided. 
  • An English and Mathematics achievement comment and future goals.
  • A General comment

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Because of the change in date for reports going home, we have also rescheduled Parent/Teacher Interviews.

Monday 26th July: English speaking parent/teacher interviews.

Tuesday 27th July: Interpreter parent/teacher interviews.



Food Assistance

During this COVID-19 period many families may be finding it difficult to provide food for their families. If this is the case, please visit Coco’s who will be able to assist you.



Address: Shop 2/3, 48 McCrae Street, Dandenong

Open Monday - Friday 9-4:45pm

Phone: 9793 3736

Mathletics Program

The school holidays provide children in Years 1 - 6 with the ideal time to use the online website program “Mathletics”  in their own homes.  Children who have access to a computer and the internet can access this program at  Children have their own individual password and can complete tasks relevant to their educational development. They can improve their fast mathematical recall times by competing in a live maths games against other children all around the world.

This program is a fantastic way to improve your child’s Mathematics progress, while they enjoy the use of the computer and competing against other children from around the world.

The Mathletics password also allows the children to access the on-line program Rainforest Maths at www.rainforestmaths .com


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