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25th June 2019
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Ridiculous Rhyme Show

This Friday, 28th June, members of The Ridiculous Rhyme Show, a UK show aimed at making literacy fun for children, will be coming to Dandenong North Primary. The aim of the show is to engage children using interactive performance and comedy. It encourages children to enjoy literacy through creative word play which can be carried back into the classroom following the visit. There will be a one hour presentation  for children in Prep to Year 3 between 9am and 10am then from 10am to 11am for children in Years 4 - 6  in the Hall.

Following the show, Years 5 and 6 students will each be involved in a TV workshop, which will be an opportunity for them to gain an insight into the media industry and the variety of career paths within it. The team will create their own production studio within the Hall and assign students job roles before filming a few scenes. After the workshop they will conduct a question and answer session for the children. Year 5 classes will participate between 11:30 - 12:15 and the Year 6 students will have their workshop beginning at 12:15pm.

This is a very exciting opportunity and we are one of the few schools in Victoria that will be fortunate enough for the team to visit. There will be no cost for this show. What a wonderful learning opportunity and a fun experience for all children.

Woolworths earn and learn

Thank you to all the families that have been collecting the Woolworths Earn & Learn stickers.

The last day to collect these stickers from Woolworths is Tuesday 25th June. Miss Nish who is organizing the collection of the stickers for DNPS has asked families to keep the strips of stickers and not to place them on a sheet as we can only send in complete sets.

All stickers must be into Miss Nish by this Friday 28th June.

Once again we thank the community for supporting our school in the Earn & Learn Program.

Term 2 ends this Friday 28th June -                                      School finishes at 2:30 pm.

Term 3 begins Monday 15th July.


School Spirit Awards Years 1, 4 & 6

At Monday’s Assembly, the final Assembly for Term 2, Mr. Mackay presented the Year 1, 4 and 6 School Spirit Awards. It was fabulous to hear the great reasons why the children listed below were nominated. One student from each year level was chosen to receive the termly School Spirit Award.

Please read the names of the nominees in Years 1, 4 & 6 below, along with the  winners of  the School Spirit Award for Term 2.

1F - Beryl

1L - Elanur

4H - Shekib

6L - Ali

1H - Noor

4FM - Shenaya

4WM - Fatima

6D - Susil

1O - Nistha

4K - Hashir

6A - Siyana

6HK - Nila

1G - Hariny

4P - Tiana

6K - Aisha


The winner from Year  1:

Elanur  (1L)

This School Spirit Award goes to Elanur, for her amazing efforts during Term 2. Elanur has a great attitude towards everything she does. She always gives her best and has a 'can do' spirit when facing a challenge. Elanur's enthusiasm for learning has shone through this term. Keep it up Elanur. You are a Super star!




The winner from Year 4:

Fatima (4WM)

You are a kind and considerate member of 4MW. You are a quiet achiever but your progress has not gone unnoticed by your teachers.  We are very proud of how hard you have been trying to contribute to classroom and group discussions even though it can make you nervous. Well done and keep up the amazing work!




The winner from Year  6:

Nila  (6HK)

Nila is an optimistic member of the class. She always comes to school with a smile on her face and has a fantastic attitude towards learning. Nila was chosen because of her wonderful work ethic, as she always completes tasks to a high standard and shows great initiative to up-level her work when finished. Thanks for always being positive and brightening up the class!


Road Safety

Winter has finally made its presence felt across Victoria in the last couple of days. In particular there has been a large amount of rain falling, making driving conditions hazardous.

Parents have been coming to the Office stating their concerns about the amount of children who are crossing the road at unmarked areas. With that in mind, we take this opportunity to remind parents and students about the risks involved when dropping off or picking up students. Combined with the wet weather, the resultant problems include car accidents and students being injured.

That is why we are again highlighting the use of school crossings for the safety of all Dandenong North Community Members. There are three crossings placed around the school and it is vitally important that children and parents use them before and after school to reduce the risk of anybody being struck by a car.

We understand that school drop off and pick up times can be particularly busy around the school and frustrating because of the limited parking available. However we are pleading with parents not to call their children across the road in undesignated areas as drivers are not expecting them to dart in front of their vehicles and the wet and slippery conditions make braking in a hurry, very dangerous.

We are also making sure that children don’t run and become distracted around road ways - as the rain will only make children a little damp - something that is fixable - however an accident may not have as quick a recovery time as a dried jumper!

A reminder that the school zone is 40km an hour for everybody’s safety and designated parking spots have ben created by the council for the safety of all.


Author Patrick Guest Visits DNPS

Last Wednesday Dandenong North were lucky to have acclaimed author Patrick Guest visit the school. Dandenong North students borrowed the most books at Dandenong Library over the summer period which, meant we  were lucky enough to have him come to visit our school.

Patrick read his book “The Ricker Racker Club” to the students in Years 2 - 6, discussing how the characters joined the special club and about being brave and doing one nice thing per week. Patrick asked students from the audience to challenge themselves and to be brave. In the book , Max and Ollie did many brave things. Patrick asked the children to do brave things like in the book, such as put their head in a hole where a fox was or rescue the ball from the sleeping wolf. Even Mr Malone was asked to drink a blood milkshake!

The children had a great time listening to the story and sharing in some of the events where they had to display their courage.

Thank you to Ms. Varas for organising this event!


Mathletics Program

The school holidays provide children in Years 1 - 6 with the ideal time to use the online website program “Mathletics”  in their own homes.  Children who have access to a computer and the internet can access this program at  Children have their own individual password and can complete tasks relevant to their educational development. They can improve their fast mathematical recall times by competing in a live mathematical game against other children all around the world.

This program is a fantastic way to improve your child’s Mathematics progress, while they enjoy the use of the computer and competing against other children from around the world.

The Mathletics password also allows the children to access the on-line program Rainforest Maths at
www.rainforestmaths .com

Year 1 Fairy tale Parade

Last week to celebrate the end of the Integrated Studies Theme “Fairy tales” children in Year 1 dressed up as their favourite fairy-tale character. Fairy tales are known the world over and are a wonderful vehicle for students to discover the love of reading and writing using these much loved stories.

There was a sea of Cinderellas, a plethora of Prince Charmings and a multitude of evil witches and pirates, making Miss Ong’s classroom a bright and colourful place to be. This event was a fantastic end to a wonderful term learning about the various fairy tales.


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