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27th October 2020

A Letter From the SRC President

On behalf of the Student Representative Council and Leadership Team, I would like to welcome back all the DNPS students, teachers, and staff.  This year will be a year we will all remember. At the start of this year no one would have expected that an unwanted virus will come along, and we would all be in lockdown, not only once but twice.

We all missed out on our valuable classroom learning as well as Book Week, Harmony Day and getting to know our friends better. The grade six students were looking forward to the School Camp, which unfortunately has been cancelled due to the Covid19 virus.

We all had to make many sacrifices, but everything we have done will help us beat this virus. We should all be proud of ourselves for playing our part in keeping our loved ones and our community safe. By doing this we all have demonstrated our school’s values, the 4C’s (Care, Courtesy, Common-sense, and Cooperation.)

This has been a challenging year for everyone but remember we are all in this together and to beat this virus we must ensure that we continue following the rules that have been put in place to keep us safe.

We should try our best to make long lasting memories of our primary school years. More than ever we should ensure that we are kind and continue to be kind and caring to one another. Please look out for your peers especially the younger ones and ensure that they are settling and getting used to the new normal along with us.

On behalf of the students and the Leadership Team I would like to thank all the teachers for the effort they have put into the remote learning.

I would like to finish with author Isabel Allender’s quote “We all have an unexpected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test.”

Aminah (6D)SRC President

Curriculum Day Cancelled

Monday 2nd November was a planned Curriculum Day before COVID 19 struck. Due to the disruptive year we have had, we have decided to cancel this curriculum day. Our staff have had many opportunities during Remote Learning to take part in professional development and our students have already missed many days of face to face teaching. Therefore students are expected to attend school as normal on Monday 2nd November.

MELBOURNE CUP  PUBLIC HOLIDAY -                                

Tuesday 3rd November - NO SCHOOL

School resumes, Wednesday 4th November


Sun Smart School

A reminder to all children and parents that during Terms 1 and 4, all children are required to wear a hat.  All children should have their own hat and it should be brought to school everyday or they can be left at school. It’s important that you name your child’s hat to ensure that it is returned to them if it is lost. Bucket hats can be purchased from the Office for $10.95 or Safety Slouch Hats for $13.95

2021 Prep Enrolments

It is that time of year again when families enrol their child for Prep in 2021.

Whilst we are no longer able to undertake school tours in person, we have access to a wonderful online virtual tour  at which highlights all of the key programs that our school provides our students.

Parents are unable to come onto the school site to fill in enrolment forms - therefore we have an online enrolment enquiry form which can be completed by families and then our office staff will contact you to discuss this further.

Alternatively, you can contact the school on 9794 7899 and speak with one of our staff and they will talk you through the process.


Weekly Special Awards

Return to school from flexible learning has enabled the  return of the Weekly Special Awards.

Most of these awards have focused around the students ability to come back to school after remote learning, and to settle back into class – working strongly and maintaining a focus on their learning.

It is unfortunate that we can still not have a whole school assembly to celebrate the achievements of these students, however they are presented remotely on a Monday morning during a pre-recorded presentation.

Congratulations to all students who received an award over the past two weeks.

1G - Theruni

4P - Samaana

5L - Hashir

5G - Maninder

6D - Connie

1L - All of 1L

4P - Jaylen

5F - Sabermah

5D - Ali

6V - Rahila

1O - Nihal

4H - Shanmukhi

5F - Owen

6K - Isabella

6V - Sadia

1H - Josh

4H - Ekaksh

5W - Hijraan

6K - Zahra

PE - Christa (2N)

2N - Lava

4DW - Jarrar

5W - Zahra

6L - Om

PE - Zaynab (5G)


4DW - Shiven

5W - Bushra

6L - Elnaz


2N - Aziz

4N - Carlo

5W - Noor

6A - Luka


4FM - Yuhan

4N - Shiddat

5G - Hassan

6A - Fatima


4FM - Angelina

5L - Sanaz

5G - Nandini

6D - Thevan



PE Special Awards - Remote Learning

Throughout Remote Learning all of our Specialist Teachers worked hard to engage and motivate our children. In particular the PE specialists Mr Fenby and Mr Gould, took the time to run live PE sessions for our students. All of the PE sessions, either live or online through you tube, were well structured and aimed at giving our children the opportunity to keep active during lockdown.

At the end of Term Three, students from Years 1 to 6 received a  PE award based on their excellent participation and enthusiasm.

Upon their return to school last week, Mr Fenby and Mr Gould had the award winners come and select a piece of sports equipment to take home as a prize, to go along with their certificate.

Well done to all of the students who participated in the PE program throughout Remote Learning and congratulations to the winners listed below.

1LH - Nilofar

2C - Kriihs R

3V - Fatema H

4N - Penny

5G - Kavya

1LH - Joshitha

2C - Nistha

3V - Oneesha

4N - Kingsley

6V - Chudier

1H - Ramanpreet

2N - Christa

3V - Miheli

4H - Sharifa

6K - Joshua J

1H - Muhammad M

2M - Shabir

3B - Taskeen

5L - Ruby

6K - Tame

1H - Vivijana T

3A - Vigashni

4FM - Rakshana

5W - Eshail

6K - Rusana

2C - Hakim

3A - Dhattatray

4FM - Haydin

5F - Elaha

6K - Ananya

2C - Alamdar

3A - Hamid

4N - Bi Bi

5F - Akshaj

6K - Shivesh

2C - Skye

3F - Saba N

4N - Sumeyye

5G - Siddhi



Book Week Dress Up

The CBCA Book Week ran from 17th to 23rd October and we had our annual Book Dress Up Day on Thursday 22nd. Whilst it was not the same as  in previous years as we were unable to have our usual Book Week parade celebrations, it was still wonderful to see our students getting into the spirit of the Book Week dress up. We had super heroes, fairy tale characters, evil monsters and beautiful princesses. Class teachers ran some Book Week activities in their rooms, whilst prizes were given out in each room for the two best costumes. A big thanks goes to our Library Teachers, Miss Varas, Mrs Campitelli, Miss K and Miss Hubert - for generating enthusiasm within our school around literature.



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