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21st May 2019
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NAPLAN Online Concerns


As part of the 2019 implementation of NAPLAN, Dandenong North Primary had been selected to complete testing online instead of the traditional pen and paper method.

Parents may have heard on the news of the issues faced by Year 5 students when completing the writing component of the NAPLAN testing last week. Regrettably there were some connectivity issues that disrupted the testing. However, none of our students lost any of their work as was reported at other schools across Australia. Our technician was in each of the testing rooms, pausing the test and adding extra time where appropri- ate to ensure each child had the correctly allocated amount of time to complete their piece of writing.


On the Tuesday evening, the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) wrote an email to all schools, giving them the option to with- draw from NAPLAN Online and return to the usual format of paper tests. After discussions between Mr Mackay, Mrs Mackay, Mr Hilton and the Year 3 and 5 teachers, it was decided that it would be best for our chil- dren to revert back to the traditional testing method as we believed that it would cause the least amount of anxiety for both our children and teach- ers. Which in turn would give each child the greatest possible opportuni- ty to achieve their best.

School Pledge


I  will do all that I can to make sure that Dandenong North Primary School remains a great school.

I will try my hardest to follow the 4Cs to keep our school a safe and happy place.

I promise to treat others as I would like to be treated.


Booklist Payment


Last week children were sent home Family statements with outstanding booklist charges. Families who have already made this payment, we thank you. If you still have Booklist fees outstanding could they please be paid or if you have concerns with payment please see the Business Manager at the office to arrange payment plans. Thank you very much for your assistance.


SRC News - Crazy Hair Day


On Tuesday 28th May, we ask that students take part in a Crazy Hair Day and will help “Kids Under Cover” to prevent youth homelessness.

Students may curl, colour, twist or tease their hair. Students are expected to wear school uniform on this day.

To participate in the Crazy Hair day on Tuesday 28th may, we ask that students donate a gold coin. The donations will be collected by your class teacher on the day of the event.

Thanking you in advance. SRC team


Preps Visit Myuna Farm


In Term 2, the Prep students learn about life on the farm and focus on the animals that live there. On Monday 13th May, the Prep students had their first school excursion to Myuna Farm. This excursion provides them with a wonderful chance to experience farm life, with many hands on opportunities and unique learning experiences!

After an exciting trip on the bus, the Preps enjoyed a show put on by Farmer Dan and his large carpet python and if they were brave enough, had the op- portunity to stroke her shiny scales. They also had the chance to milk Ebony and Sugar, two friendly goats who taught the Preps all about the various products made from these animals.

After the show, the Preps enjoyed a train ride past the paddocks, down to the wetlands to see the ducks and the colony of fruit bats resting high in the can- opy. Myuna Farm currently hosts over 40,000 of these bats, which follow Dandenong Creek and play a crucial role in the local ecosystem. Next stop was the Nursery, where the children enjoyed patting the rabbits and guinea pigs and excitedly roamed around the nursery looking at the lizards and snakes in the reptile house. The Preps were lucky enough to get up close and

personal with an iguana and a turtle, two of the cold blooded animals learned about. They also spent their time patting the sheep and the goats in the pens and were even lucky enough to spot two young calves, who loved making friends; using their sticky noses and big pink tongues!

A huge hit with the Preps, as always, was the chance to feed the sheep, goats, kangaroos, horses and camels in the paddocks. Hands full of feed, students fed and patted the greedy animals that pushed against the fences to get to the food, including a curious camel with a very long neck!

On the return bus trip, tired Prep children chattered to their partners about the day’s adventures, with two clear favourites emerging; the train ride and feeding the animals. For many of our students, this is their first experience on a farm and it really helps drive home the learning that we do in the classroom.

The Prep Team would like to thank Myuna Farm for another wonderful and well organised excursion as well as Miss McLaughlin for all her work behind the scenes to make this excursion as enjoyable and seamless as possible!


Year 4 Physics Incursion


Year Four students attended an informative physics incursion on Wednesday 15th May. The incursion was presented by Mrs Sally Clarke and involved the stu- dents getting to know the three laws of motion as set out by Isaac Newton centuries ago.

The students discovered, through the use of small ex- periments, how these laws explain all motion experi- enced by all of us everyday.

From all accounts, teachers and students alike, all en- joyed the activities, especially making a balloon car at the end of the lesson. Sally is presenting another incur- sion this coming Wednesday the 22nd  May where she

will be demonstrating how simple tools work and change the amount of force we need to apply when moving an object.


DNPS Book Fair


Thank you to all of the children and parents who came to the 2019 Scholastic Book Fair, it was an amaz- ing success!  It was wonderful to see so many parents come to the fair with their children sharing their love of books.  We raised $800 worth of books that will soon be catalogued, covered and ready to go into the junior and senior libraries for children to borrow.



The winners of the Book Fair raffle prizes were presented at Monday’s school assembly. Congratulations to:

1st  Prize – Praveena 6D

2nd  Prize – Shayla 2AM

3rd  Prize – Vanya Prep M



The winner of the ‘Guess the num- ber of Gummy Sharks, shells and rocks in the Jar’ was Ariba from


Special Awards



Prep A - Vaibhavi         2B - Elias                      4P - Ali Akbar                   6A - Melad


Prep H - Layla               2C - Dorcas                   4WM - Fateh                      ICT - Abhipsa (4H) Prep N - Ashar              2M - Aishwarya            5D - Thevan                       ICT - Ruhama (5F) Prep O - Felicia             2N - Jacob                     5H - Madina                       ICT - Jaylen (3B)

Prep M - Vanya             2S - Nimalan                 5F - Rahila                         ICT - Carlo (3W)


1O - Arundeep              3B - Kingsley                5L - Wiley                         PE - Lea (1G)


1F - Abbas                     3L - Afsheen                 5CW - Abinav                    PE - Rhoda (2AM)


1G - Farzana                 3LF - Mysha                  6L - Abida                          PE - Yousuf (3L)


1H - Mahdi                    3P - Mercy                    6HK - Hanna                      PE - Garry (3P)


1L - Musarrat                3W - Hadi                      6D - Aysha


2B - Ruhollah                4K - Justine                   6D - Sehrish


2M - Isaac                     4FM - Yonal                  6K - Amir



Woolworths Earn & Learn

This year we will once again be participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program. Our participation in this program will allow us to receive new educa- tional resources for our school – and all we need for you to do is to shop for your groceries at Woolworths.

Between 1st May and 25th June 2019, collect as many stickers as you can. You will get one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 that you


All you need to do is bring along your stickers and place them on the earn and

learn charts inside each classroom..

At the end of the promotion, we will be able to receive some great new equip-


ment - the amount will depend on the number of earn and learn stickers that we have collected. The range of products is extensive and there are a lot of items that are ideal for our students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and some fantastic fun supplies for Arts & Craft, Sport and for our library.

So shop at Woolworths and  collect as many stickers as you can. We thank the community for supporting

our school in the Earn & Learn Program.


Tennis Program


Recently, Dandenong North Primary School invested in pur- chasing Tennis Equipment.

The school is running a Tennis program in conjunction with Sporting Schools Australia funding and with the help of Rob Hilbig. Rob has been coaching Year 5 children during lunchtimes on a Wednesday as well as training the Year 6 stu- dents in readiness for their next Gala Day.

Rob is a qualified Tennis Australia Junior Development coach, a

Tennis Australia National Academy wheelchair coach and has

an Exercise and Sports Science degree. He is currently the Head

coach of the Dandenong Tennis Club located at Greaves Re-

serve. Coaching is available 6 days a week and there are compe-

titions for juniors and seniors on a Saturday and Sunday.

For any further information please contact Rob Hilbig on 0416758107 or email on

 robert.hilb ig@hotm ail .co m







The Saints are Coming

To Lois Twohig Reserve North Dandenong

Enjoy an Auskick Clinic and BBQ with the current Saints players. There will be plenty of games and an opportunity to grab an autograph and picture with your favourite


Date: Friday 24th may

Time: 5pm to 7pm

Location:  Lois Twohig Reserve, Clayton Road North Dandenong

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