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News From the North


14th June 2022

News From the North

Wrapping up Term 2

We have had a fabulous and busy Term 2 at Dandenong North Primary School.  Students across all year levels have enjoyed incursions and excursions with trips to the Zoo (Yrs 3 & 5), Myuna Farm (Prep), Dinosaur World (Yr 2), the Yakult Factory and the Aviation Museum (Yr 4). Year 1 students had a visit from Fairy Tale Fiasco, Year 6 students used Virtual Reality to learn about Aboriginal Culture and the Prep classes are hosting some baby chickens after watching them hatch in the incubator last week.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

We look forward to meeting with parents and carers to discuss your child’s progress at the upcoming Parent/Teacher Interviews:

  • 20th June English speaking parents
  • 21st June interpreter supported interviews

School Photo Update

We are hoping for school photos to be delivered to school by the end of term. We will distribute orders as soon as possible.

School Review

Last Monday 6th June was the final day for our School Review.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, the School Review is an opportunity for us to reflect on previous goals from our School Strategic Plan and set new ones to work towards. The Review Panel, led by David Mann, and the school leadership team have set goals and targets around student learning in literacy and numeracy as well as student wellbeing.

School Policies

Every year, we review our school policies to ensure they meet current standards and reflect the needs of our school. Updated policies can be viewed on our website or a hard copy obtained from the office upon request.


Term 2 ends Friday 24th June -                                      School finishes at 2:30 pm.

Term 3 begins Monday 11th July.

Term 2, 2022 School Spirit Awards

Our whole school student assembly, was once again presented online by our school captains.

During this assembly, the School Spirit Award nominees and winners were announced. It was fantastic to hear why the children were nominated. All the nominees had settled into the year, always gave their best effort and followed the school values of the 4Cs - Care, Courtesy, Common Sense and Co-operation.

Congratulations to the nominees and awardees that are listed below:

Prep A - Ananyah

1M - Nargis

3O - Shayon

5K - Isaac

Prep H - Dina

1T - Aathis

3V - Judah

5L - Rishag

Prep N - Sahar

2AN - Mohammad

4DW - Seerat

5P - Zinat

Prep O - Jala

2B - Zahra

4H - Shajini

6CA - Furqaan

Prep R - James

2N - Adil

4M - Sanvid

6C - Nadinsa

Prep Y - Irsa

2T - Shivani

4P - Hasty

6F - Yuhan

1C - Anuki

2V - Thameera

5D - Kavi

6G - D’Zyre

1F - Janisa

3A - Sana

5FM - Raihana

6S - Aliya

1H - Ziera

3B - Jodvir




The winner from Prep:

Sahar (Prep N)

Sahar is an optimistic and responsible student, who is consistently kind and courteous to her peer. She uses her initiative and common-sense to make sensible and informed​ decisions and is proactive to take on feedback given to her. Sahar is deeply valued and appreciated by her teachers and class mates for her care and consideration. She strives to be the best version of herself inside and outside of the classroom, and is a fine example of a student modelling the 4C’s at our great school.


The winner from Year 1:

Janisa (1F)

Well done on a SUPER term in 1F Janisa! You are an absolute shining light in 1F, approaching each day with a big smile. You have worked so hard during all learning tasks, especially during handwriting and maths time. We are all very lucky to have such a caring friend in the class, who loves to make everyone feel happy and loved. Keep being you and never forget your 'angel voice'! 


The winner from Year  2:

Shivani (2T)

Shivani is a lovely person who always follows the four C's inside and outside of the classroom. She treats her peers with respect and is happy to help them with their work. She shows dedication to her own learning by focusing during instruction time and practising Reading and Maths any chance she gets. This semester, Shivani has made huge growth in her reading ability and even graduated from the Reading Factory!


The winner from Year  3:

Judah (3V)

Judah has demonstrated incredible acts of kindness throughout this term. He is extremely helpful towards other members of the class, such as picking up their belongings if they've accidently dropped it or helping them clean out their tubs. He is genuinely caring which makes him such a great example for other students at DNPS. Thank you for being such a valued member of 3V!


The winner from Year  4:

Seerat (4DW)

Seerat arrives at school each day with a smile, eager to start learning. Despite the challenges she has faced recently with her broken leg, she has demonstrated exemplary determination and persistence to return to school and work hard alongside her peers. Her kind and considerate nature make her a great friend and an asset to our classroom.



The winner from Year  5:

Kavi (5D)

Kavi is a student, who radiates positivity. Every morning, Kavi walks into class with a big smile on her face and greets her teacher with a friendly good morning. She is a thoughtful and generous student, who quietly goes about displaying acts of kindness to classmates and teachers. Kavi can be relied on to set a fantastic example for her peers and she displays qualities of a true role model. You’re a superstar,   Kavi! Well done!



The winner from Year  6:

Furqaan (6CA)

We have been blown away by the progress Furqaan has shown this term. The narrative writing he has produced has been full of strong verbs and rich descriptions. We have seen evidence of the way Furqaan takes time to focus on the main teaching point of the lesson, and ensure it is evident in his writing. On top of that, Furqaan is a real team player within our class, he has demonstrated his ability to work with everyone and we want to congratulate him on being 6CA’s School Spirit award winner for Term 2.

Farewell to Miss Nish and Mrs Ferguson

This term we say goodbye to two of our amazing classroom teachers. Mrs Brianna Nish from Year 2 who has been a part of the Dandenong North family since she started at our school as a Prep in 1994 and returned as a teacher in 2013 is leaving to start her own family with her first child due very soon. We wish her all the best with her new adventure as a Mum and look forward to meeting the newest member of the DNPS family! 2N will be in the capable hands of Miss Joyce Wang.


We would also like to congratulate Mrs Claire Ferguson who has accepted a position at Dandenong High School as a Food Technology teacher for the remainder of the year. We know she will be missed by her class and the staff at DNPS and wish her all the best as she dons an apron and cooks up some great experiences for the students at Dandenong High. Mrs Massey and Miss Nguyen will be teaching 5FM for the rest of the year.

Education Support Staff Conference

Our Education Support Staff perform an integral role in the learning of our students at Dandenong North Primary School.  It is for this reason last week; all of our ES staff were given the opportunity to partake in a professional development day.  They visited Emerson School in the morning and then listened to Shannyn Davies our Occupational Therapist who gave an insight of how she supports students and teachers at Dandenong North PS.  The group participation was outstanding when challenged to perform in some team building activities.  Well done to everyone and we look forward to seeing theory turned into practice.

Marcela Varas

Year 1 Incursion

On Monday the 6th of June, the grade ones attended the Fairy Tale Fiasco Incursion. They immersed themselves in the world of drama and fantasy by acting as some of their favourite fairy tale characters. We explored the structure of narratives and personal expression, using body language, visual and verbal cues. A MAGICAL time, had by all! 

Mrs Fernando


PE News

On Friday the 3rd of June, DNPS competed in the Division Cross Country Championship. Every student ran extremely well and represented DNPS with pride. The following students ran so well that were chosen to represent DNPS in the Regional Cross Country Championships which will be held in Hastings next Wednesday: Lydia (6CA), Yuhan (6F), Dilaksini (5L), Dawoud (5L), Bhavesh (6G), Maher, Manahil (3V) and Lithika (5D). Congratulations to all students that participated in the division cross country.

Mr Fenby



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