Are you wanting brilliant results for your child? Do you want happy children at the end of the school day? If so, come to the great Dandenong North primary School! Marvellous teachers. Incredible excursions. Magnificent facilities with large classrooms and a fun curriculum. It really caters for all your child’s needs.Located just near the fabulous Plaza, the school is just opposite the clean hospital and is close to two excellent High Schools. For one of the best schools in Australia, come to us.


I didn’t write the advertisement, above. One of our very talented students did. When we have visitors to our school, I regularly say to them: “If you want to know about our school, don’t ask me – I will only tell you good things.” “If you want to know what it’s really like, ask our students.” So, that’s what one of our students thinks of our school. I might have been a little less generous about our facilities, because we still need a permanent four classroom block and a full-size hall to complete the school re-builds begun in 2011. But I would certainly endorse the rest of the claims.

Welcome to our website.
I hope that you enjoy your virtual tour and that you gain an insight into what “makes us tick”. We don’t have “rules”, instead we live by the 4Cs – Care, Courtesy, Common-Sense and Cooperation. We grow great students by having great teachers in a great school. If you reside in our area, this might just be the place for your children.

Kevin Mackay  OAM