Year 6

Term 1, 2020

It was wonderful to see the excited faces of the Year 6 students who are entering Term One at DNPS, for the last time. It is such a big year for our senior students and we are looking forward to watching them grow and mature throughout all four terms.

The Year 6 teachers in 2020 are:

6A - Mr Allman

6L - Miss Ludwick

6K - Miss Keane

6V - Miss Valcanis

6D - Mr Domogala

In Year 6 we aim to make our students more responsible for their learning and to provide them with skills that they will require as they move on to Secondary College. This begins in Term One with roles and responsibilities as the children undertake PAL training and beginning to work as Peer Mediators around the school.

In the classroom we continue to make the general pace of student work quicken, along with developing the presentation skills to reflect the standard of a Year 6 student.

Our theme is “How Lucky Are We?” which is focused upon Australia being a country that we are all a part of. As well as looking at other countries around the world that are great places to live.

There is the continued expectation that all children will complete nightly reading tasks and that parents will sign their diaries to show that the reading has taken place. This is a routine that the Year 6 children will be familiar with, as it was begun in Year 5.

In our writing we will focus on personal narratives, followed by persuasive writing that will lead into debates.

As a team, we are looking forward to getting to know all of the students and their families, developing and growing each individual child.

The Year 6 Team