If children enjoy school and like their teachers they are more likely to be engaged as active learners and to learn rapidly, enjoyably and successfully.

Our multi-skilled and dedicated staff understand the importance of establishing educator/student relationships as the number one pre-condition for learning. It is important to us that children from 51 different cultural backgrounds identify with each other, get-along together and cooperate with us as a “family of learners”.

We acknowledge that our students vary in ability, prior learning and special talents or abilities. We provide a curriculum “menu” to cater for “mixes” of programs to develop personalised and optimised learning pathways for students.

What we work to achieve are “transformational interventions” ( short, sharp , targeted programs ) that have the potential to interrupt or disrupt cycles of social disadvantage by developing and encouraging hope, confidence and the essential skills important in the achievement of productive and rewarding life pathways.

We want our school to be a “GREAT SCHOOL”, not just a “good school”. That means we as a staff and student body have to work to be the best that we can be. Dandenong North Primary School “at its best” is always our goal.