Student Wellbeing and Safety

Student Wellbeing Services

All students should feel a sense of belonging, be valued, respected and develop healthy social, and emotional lives.

Dandenong North Primary School places a great deal of emphasis on supporting students’ wellbeing, not only at school, but also within the home and the broader community.

Whilst all staff members are committed to student safety and happiness, there are designated Student Wellbeing Teachers to work on more critical and ongoing issues.

Classroom teachers are usually the first point of contact for students. However, teachers or students can refer on to the Student Welfare Teacher for expanded support and advice. Parents too, are encouraged to access support and advice directly through the school’s Student Welfare Teacher.

There is a strong emphasis on the importance of regular student attendance. A key component of the Student Wellbeing Teacher’s role is to monitor student absences through direct involvement with students and their families. Children are encouraged and rewarded for high levels of attendance each term and for the whole year. Children who achieve 100% attendance receive special recognition and badges which they wear proudly on their uniforms.

Anyone wishing to access Student Wellbeing services should contact the school for an appointment. This can usually be made at a time to suit you.

Child Safety

To create and maintain a child safe environment, all Victorian schools must comply with Ministerial Order No. 870 - Child Safe Standards, which came into effect 1 August 2016.

Children or their parents who feel that they have a child safety concern, or require more information about related school policies and processes should contact the Wellbeing Officers or Child Safety Officer.

Child Safety - Statement of Commitment

Child Safety - Code of Conduct

Feeling Safe Fact Sheet