Homework Years 3 - 6

Homework mainly consists of practice exercises, which enable students to apply new knowledge or review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills learnt in class.


Examples of such exercises are:


  • Memorisation of mathematical times tables, practising spelling words and writing creative stories.


  • Daily reading, to, with, and by parents/caregivers or older siblings.


* Parents/caregivers should then discuss what has been read and include questions about the themes, concepts or characters of the book children were reading.


* Questions should preferably probe beyond the surface of the text information and have children provide their opinions and beliefs about what they have just read.


  • Reading for pleasure – material can include newspapers, magazines, cartoons or own creative work.


  • Practice exercises for consolidating mathematical concepts (there is a limit to the effectiveness of this).


  • Review or reinforce new mathematical knowledge through the use of the Mathletics Program (each child has access to this program all year).