Homework Policy

  • Homework is a valuable part of developing a child’s educational abilities.
  • It can allow for practice, extension and consolidation of the learning that has been achieved in class.
  • Homework provides practice for students in planning and organising their time and it can establish habits of study, concentration and self-discipline.
  • Learning how to play a new game, practising sporting skills with friends or a team or simply getting fitter and stronger are all activities that are important as “homework”.
  • So, too, is creating a piece of art or playing or listening to music.
  • Homework serves to strengthen the partnership between home and school.
  • It provides parents with insights into what is being learnt at school and what stage of curriculum understanding their children have achieved.
  • The completion of homework activities needs to be balanced with family, social and extracurricular activities which are mostly more important than homework.


At Dandenong North Primary School our homework expectations may include:


Years Prep - 2


Years 3 - 6