Term 4 2019
This term is set to be an exciting one. We have already jumped straight into our poetry unit based on the poem ‘Lucy Gray’. The children are analyzing, questioning and annotating the poem to get deeper ideas and thoughts. The children are now making links between texts and building upon their vocabulary collected thus far. We cannot wait to start our new narrative which will look at being transported to a new unknown place. The children will be practicing their senses skills, using effective adjectives, personification and prepositions to name but a few. The children seem to love narrative work because their imaginations can run wild.

Within Maths, we will be recapping on many areas of the curriculum to ensure the children have a running start to grade 4. We are currently looking at place value of numbers beyond 10,000 but will be moving onto multiplication and division shortly. They will be introduced to new methods and techniques which will make elements of mental math more accessible and achievable.

Our new Integrated Studies topic is ‘Melting Moments’. We will be looking at the different states of matter and how they can/can’t be changed. We will be doing experiments to investigate the mass and time taken to change a substance/liquid.

A quick reminder that this term there will be swimming. Children will need to bring their bathers, towel, a hair brush and a bag to carry it all in.

Term 3 2019

This Term Grade Three will be learning about The Dreaming, delving into the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To further this knowledge we will be attending the First People’s Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum that tells the story of Aboriginal Victoria from the past to today.

Within our Literacy lessons, we will be studying Greek Myths, looking deeply at Theseus and the Minotaur. The children will be writing their own myths, creating their characters and choosing a setting for their story. We will then be turning this narrative into a newspaper report.

We will be revisiting several curriculum areas during our Maths lessons in Term Three. This will allow us to deepen our understanding and to apply reasoning and problem solving within each area we revisit. In addition, we will be looking at fractions in more depth using physical resources to strengthen our knowledge.  

Term 2 2019

It is going to be a massive Term 2! These first four weeks we are busy preparing for the upcoming online NAPLAN tests, the children are working hard and we are very proud of them. NAPLAN will occur in Week 4 (from Tuesday the 14th of May).

Our theme this term is ‘All Creatures Great and Small,’ this is a science unit focusing on the difference between living things, variations and features of plants. We will also look at the human impact on the environment and what ‘sustainability,’ means. To deepen our knowledge of our integrated unit we will be attending the Melbourne Zoo on Wednesday the 29th May.

It looks to be an exciting term ahead!

Term 1 2019

What an amazing start it has been so far in Grade 3 in 2019! Children have arrived back at school fresh from the holidays and excited to start their new learning.
We welcome Miss Rebecca Leicester (3L) and Mrs Victoria Putson (3P) to our Year 3 team at Dandenong North Primary School and the familiar faces of Miss Leila Bunnett (3B), Miss Leah Farrar (3F) and Mrs Alice Wiltgren (3W) round up our Year 3 team.
Throughout Term One, students will be studying and investigating our theme: ‘Discovering Australia,’ focussing on the First Fleet arriving on our shores and the impact this arrival had.
Some important events in Grade 3 this year to be aware of are the NAPLAN tests which will be held in May during Term Two.
Children will have taken home a Green Reading Journal this week, children are expected to be reading every night and record their reading in the journal. You will also have noticed children took home Homework books on Friday, Homework is given out on Friday’s and expected back the following Friday.
We are all looking forward to a fantastic and productive year in Grade 3!