Term 2 News

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope you’ve had fun and exciting with your children.  Dandenong North Primary School welcomes Miss Biljana Vucic to the Year 2 teaching team.  Miss Vucic has replaced Mrs Phillpot who had to leave our school for personal reasons.  I want to thank Mrs Philpot for her brief but important contribution. 

This term’s theme will be Dinosaurs! Students will be discussing and learning the following aspects of dinosaurs:

Key Understandings:

  • Dinosaurs lived long ago, and they lived for a very long time.
  • Dinosaurs became extinct.
  • Dinosaurs are described as giant lizards and can be classified as plant or meat eaters.
  • Dinosaur remains (fossils) have been found all over the world.
  • Fossils have helped us to learn more about dinosaurs and the world 65 million years ago.

Essential Questions:

  • What is a dinosaur?
  • How do we know there were once dinosaurs on Earth?
  • What is a fossil and what does it tell us?
  • When did dinosaurs live and what were the different ages?
  • What is the life cycle of a dinosaur?
  • What were the different types of dinosaurs?
  • What are the characteristics of dinosaurs (e.g. food, protection, camouflage, size)?
  • How are dinosaurs similar and different to animals on Earth today?

As part of this theme, students will visit Dinosaur World on Monday the 6th or  Tuesday the 7th of May. More information and dates will be provided in the first week of Term 2. 

Students will also be receiving their first semester's reports on Friday the 21st of June before Parent/Teacher interviews.

As always, students are required to read at home for at least 15 minutes every day. In addition to this, it is expected that students regularly complete Mathletics tasks set by their classroom teacher. 


We are looking forward to an enjoyable and productive Term 2 at DNPS.

Term 1 News


It has been a fantastic start to 2019, with the students in Year 2 returning to school ready and eager to learn. 


We welcome four new staff members to the Year 2 team.  Miss Philpot is joining us from Huntingdale Primary School. She has experience working with students from Prep to Year 2 levels. Miss Mezildzic is a graduate teacher. Her name and face might be familiar as she worked in the Reading Intervention Program for many years while studying to be a teacher. She also came to Dandenong North Primary School as a student. Miss Nish and Miss McNabb have moved to teacher Year 2 students from other areas, and we welcome them to this team.


Throughout Term One, students will be focusing on the theme “About Me – Healthy Me?” It’s an excellent way for students to get to know their new classmates and teachers. The school places great importance in students having a healthy and safe mindset. This term, teachers will be discussing the importance of what we eat and drink and having a balanced diet. There will be an excursion organised to visit Dandenong Market. Teachers will also discuss good hygiene such as washing your hands and brushing your teeth. Teachers will revise the importance of the 4Cs (Care, Courtesy, Cooperation and Common sense) which are the core values of Dandenong North Primary School.  


We promote and encourage nightly reading for all students in Year 2 as it is a way for parents to help their child with their learning. Mathletics details will be sent home with readers. Mathletics is an excellent resource to revise what has been taught in the classroom. Those students who need extra support with reading will attend the Reading Intervention Program and will have tasks to complete on a nightly basis.


We look forward to a productive year in 2019!


From the Year 2 Team compromising of Mr Chandler, Miss McNabb, Miss Nish, Miss Philpott, Miss Mezildzic and Mr Singh.