Welcome back to Term 3!

This is a big term in Prep. We are looking forward to an exciting 10 weeks with lots of events planned. We will be participating in the Footsteps program on Thursdays for the first few weeks of Term 3. Footsteps is a fitness program that develops coordination and confidence whilst moving to music. We also have our excursion to the Kew Traffic School, the Teddy Bear Hospital, Pyjama Day and our whole school Book Week parade to look forward to!

Themed Unit
This term, our theme is ‘Our Community. We will be learning about the many different people who keep us safe in the community, such as police officers, firefighters, crossing guards and doctors. We are very excited about our excursion to Kew Traffic School where we will be able to ride bicycles and practice our road safety skills. The Teddy Bear Hospital will also be visiting us this term to help us better understand why visiting the doctors and being brave is important. Please login into your child’s Seesaw account to keep up to date with these upcoming event details and photographs.

This term in Writing, the Preps will be beginning our Talk for Writing unit, ‘My Brother’. We will be looking closely at our family units to help us write detailed character descriptions filled with plenty of describing words and action words. After this, we will be preparing something special for Father’s Day and use this to write our own character descriptions of our dads! In Reading, we are continuing to practise our sight words, decoding skills and comprehension. We are choosing our own books to read and also enjoy hearing stories from Epic! When older people read with us, please remember to ask about we have read, to help build our comprehension and oral language skills.

Please remember to read with your child to read every night and record this in their ‘Reading Log’.

This term in Mathematics, we will be revising and teaching a range of concepts which will include:

  • Counting forwards to 100 and backwards from 20.
  • Learning how to add two numbers together using concrete materials and through number stories.
  • Estimating, measuring and comparing the length, capacity, weight and mass of objects.
  • Naming 3D shapes.
  • Understanding location and direction (know the meaning and importance of above, under, over and between).

As part of your child’s Prep homework routine, please read with your child every night and record this in their ‘Reading Log. Ten minutes of reading every day can make a real difference to your child’s learning. We should also be practising our word lists daily and making sure that we get to bed by a reasonable time. It is important that your child has a good night’s sleep so they are refreshed and ready for learning. It’s difficult to learn at school when we are tired!
Please refer to the guide below to check your child is getting the recommended amount of sleep for their age:

The Prep classes this year are again using the Seesaw App in their classrooms. Seesaw is a great way to connect with your child's learning at school. When connected to your child's journal, you will be able to see some of the work that they are doing in class. You can connect multiple people to your child's journal so the whole family can share in your child's school journey.

You will receive instructions from your child's teacher on how to connect to Seesaw. If you are having any problems, please see your classroom teacher for assistance.