Term 1, 2020

Welcome to Prep 2020! Our Preps have had a smooth transition into primary school and look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings at Dandenong North Primary School!

We will be finishing school at 2pm until March 2nd 2020. This early finish helps us as students adapt to the changes that ‘big school’ brings, including different eating and play times and new learning and working environments. Please also make sure that we are on time to start school. Doors to the Prep building open at 8:45 am with teachers available to supervise students from this time forward and classes begin at 9am. If you do arrive at school after the bell, please head to the office to receive a late pass and avoid being marked as absent on the roll.

As Preps, we are practicing how to be more independent this year so we are taking every opportunities to practice doing things for our self, like putting backpacks away, getting our materials ready to learn, opening our own lunchboxes and getting dressed independently. Please label all belongings so that lost items can be returned to their rightful owners if they do go missing.

Themed Unit
This term, our theme is Nursery Rhymes. We will be getting to know ourselves, each other and some favourite nursery rhymes! We will also be looking at some classic stories during the term, such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Humpty Dumpty. We will be doing lots of themed tasks so please make sure you do not miss seeing our progress! Please login into your child’s Seesaw account to keep up to date with what we are doing in our Prep classrooms!



This term in Writing, the Preps will be focussing on our pencil grip, fine motor skills, oral language development and stamina. We will start orally recalling what we have done on the weekend so please encourage us to talk about our day and what we have experienced. If your child enjoys drawing and writing at home, please take a look at how they hold their pencil and sit in their chair. At this early stage, it is important to encourage and reward correct writing posture and correct any bad habits early!


In Reading, we are beginning to practise good reading behaviours, such as pointing to words individually, holding the book correctly and using our sounds to decode. We sing our Cued Articulation song daily to help us learn the different sounds that letters make. This song will help us translate this knowledge when it comes time to read new words. We are also choosing our own books to read with an adult at home, in the classroom and during library time and also enjoy hearing stories from Epic! When older people read with us, please remember to ask about we have read, to help build our comprehension and oral language skills.


Please remember to read with your child to read every night and record this in their ‘Reading Log’. Homework folders will be sent home at the beginning of Week 3.


This term in Mathematics, we will be looking at basic numeracy concepts such as:

  • Oral counting with 1:1 correspondence
  • 2D shapes and their properties
  • Number formations
  • Matching numbers to quantities
  • Sorting based on attributes such as size, colour and shape


The Prep classes this year are again using the Seesaw App in their classrooms. Seesaw is a great way to connect with your child's learning at school. When connected to your child's journal, you will be able to see some of the work that they are doing in class. You can connect multiple people to your child's journal so the whole family can share in your child's school journey.

You will receive instructions from your child's teacher on how to connect to Seesaw. If you are having any problems, please see your classroom teacher for assistance. 

Please refer to the guide below to check your child is getting the recommended amount of sleep for their age: