School Leadership Team of the Year

One of the most prestigious categories  of the  Victorian Education Excellence Awards 2013 is the School Leadership team of the Year award.


The reason that this award is the most sought-after is that it reflects a whole school success story. Nominees must be able to demonstrate that the student learning outcomes of the school are better than average and have been sustained over a significant period of time. That means that the award recognizes the achievements of all of the students in learning, and all of the staff in contributing to  that learning.


Hand-in-hand with this whole school success story,  is the story of teams of staff working together to achieve extraordinary cooperation and success in catering for the needs of our students. Our literacy intervention program, our English as an Additional Language (EAL ) program, the Website development committee, the peer observation program, the Education Support Staff professional development program and the whole staff coaching program are just some of the exciting and innovative projects that require inspired and enthusiastic leadership along with committed and skilled team members.

This is the background to the continued development and growth of a dynamic and integrated group of staff who represent the Leadership of all of the special purpose projects that make up a unique schooling experience for our wonderful students.


So it was that a high-level committee of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development ( DEECD ) identified our Leadership Team as the best of the best for 2013.


There can be no better award than one of recognition of a cohesive team. And, while thirteen people actually attended the ceremony, those 13 people represented the 600 students and 71 other staff members who were not there on that evening  - because at the end of the day the whole notion of Education excellence is about student learning – and that has been recognized by the plaque on the wall that honours all of us.