Principal's Message

Coming out of the COVID lockdown and staying safe while we wait…

A message form Dandenong North Primary School


  • We want to thank all of our students and parents for staying home. Every day we are getting closer to less restrictions. We know it’s been hard for everyone.
  • Until we get advice from the Chief Medical Officer that the case numbers have gone down enough most families will need to keep staying at home and being safe.
  • Cases in the City of Casey, which Dandenong is on the edge of have increased recently, and that’s not good.
  • The government needs cooperation to keep the situation under control so we can get to Stage 2 as soon as possible.
  • Testing for Coronavirus is safe, quick, free and available at many sites.
  • If you or your family will struggle to get to a testing clinic you may be able to call and get a test at home
  • If you are at risk, you must get tested. If you have symptoms, you must get tested.
  • Getting tested helps protect your family, your friends and your community. It will also help us get to Stage 2 more quickly.

Kevin Mackay