The Reading Factory Documentary

A stunning documentary film by award-winning filmmaker, Amel Tresnjic that documents the genesis, implementation and fine-tuning of a highly successful, evidence-based literacy intervention program at Dandenong North Primary School, Victoria, Australia.

The documentary provides a historical perspective of an educational breakthrough initiative that challenged conventional wisdom and practice. Rather than relying on motivation to learn to read as a precursor to literacy success, The Reading Factory, comprised of a dedicated team of educators, subscribed to an alternate psycho-educational theory - that learning to read can transcend the motivation often lacking in reluctant readers or students from disadvantaged  backgrounds The Reading Factory has provided long-term evidence  that Students who achieve success in learning to read go on to experience  success in the higher-level skill of reading to learn. The Reading Factory  demonstrates that it is possible to change behaviours first, and attitudes and self-belief can follow.