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19th March 2019
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M ARCH  2019

29th  -   Gala Day 1

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5th  -  END OF TERM  ONE


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Swimming Champions

As our staff undertook their Professional Development Days, Miss Maree accompanied nine of our students to a Divisional Swimming Carnival at Noble Park Pools.

What a successful swim meet it was for Dandenong North PS!

In the 4 by 50m 11 year old boys freestyle race, Farzaan (6L), Andy (5D), Ali Reza (5D) and Jayden (5H) successfully placed first in this event.

In the 12/13 year old mixed free- style relay Lazar (6L), Bilal (5D), Joey (6L) and Mihdi (5D) placed


Nandini (4MW) placed 5th in the

9/10 girls 50m freestyle event.

Bilal (5D) placed 4th in the 11 year boys 50m freestyle event.

Jayden (5H) created a record

when he placed first in the 11 year old boys 50 m freestyle race. The original time was 34.5 seconds

and Jayden completed the race in a new record time of 33.69 sec- onds. What a wonderful effort!

Nandini (4MW) placed 5th in the


9/10 year old backstroke.

In the 11 year boys backstroke Farzaan (6L) placed 5th in this race.

Again Jayden (5H) placed first in the 50m 11 year boys backstroke

- again breaking the record! The original time was 43.7 seconds and the new record set by Jayden was 43.28seconds.

In the 12/13 year girls freestyle,

Joey (6L) placed 2nd in this race.

Joey (6L) also place 4th in the

12/13 year old girls breastroke.


In the 12/13 boys 50m breastroke saw Lazar (6L)place 2nd.

Open mixed 4 x 50m medley re- lay Mihdi (5D), Joey (6L), Jay- den (5H) and Lazar(6L) placed


Jayden (5H) will now advance to the Regional Swimming Finals that will be held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre next Wednesday.

We congratulate all of the students who attended this meet and wish Jayden all the very best as he progresses further with this competition.

Teachers Continuously Learning


Last Thursday and Friday the DNPS staff un- dertook two days of Professional Development opportunities.

It was a jam packed two days! It began with our staff looking into Departmental initiatives in- cluding a toolkit of information to assist deci- sion making with Dr Tanya Vaughan.

Our staff enjoyed working on team activities that allowed them to become more aware of what it means to work collaboratively just as our students do with Mr. Mackay.

Learning about the “grey” areas in leadership was presented in a wonderful manner by a for- mer Principal Elli Brereton, engaging staff in dealing with others.

As usual, the time spent with Lyn Watts learn- ing about the skills that children need in order to become proficient writers - was invaluable and provided staff with some excellent ideas that they were eagerly looking forward to ap- plying this week..


We thank all of our staff who gave up their own time to be a part of these Professional Development days.

These two curriculum days were designed around the Annual Implementation Plan which was created after our 2018 Review.


National Young Leaders Day


Yesterday, nine members of the School Captain’s Leadership Team attended the Halogen Foundation Young Leaders Conference held at the Exhibition Centre. The aim of this event is to  inspire and support young leaders across

the whole of Australia.

The first speaker was a famous comedian/author named Cal Wilson. She  explained the importance of collaboration and listening that allows you to be an effective leader. Cal believed that you learn best when you are out of your comfort zone and that you should say yes to every opportunity.

The second presenter was Tim Diamond. Tim is the CEO of the Cotton On Foundation. Tim spoke about visiting  Uganda where the Foundation has raised over 90 million dollars to provide education, fresh water and produce for the population. Tim spoke about how the Cotton On Foundation started with a small goal and has now helped many villagers in Uganda.

Next was Olympic swimmer  Leisel Jones, who spoke about the importance of setting big goals, and then breaking them down  into smaller more achieva- ble ones. Once students have set a goal, they need to realise how many hours are needed to practice and achieve the set goal. The last point she made was that taking the first step is always the hardest. Liesel’s words resonated with our students and they believed her steps to achievement were great advice. The last presenter was Holly Ferling. She dis-

cussed how each student were currently the big fish in a small pond, but that next year it would be the opposite. She talked about being a small fish in a big pond, and how each student has

more room to grow and that more opportuni- ties will present themselves. Holly has had many setbacks, which she uses as motivation to be the best cricketer she can be The children had a fantastic time at this event, learning many  ideas from each presenter, which the Student Leadership Team will uti- lise in their roles as leaders at DNPS through- out the year.

Thank you to Miss Sobia, Miss Karen, Mr Hilton  and Mr Lodge for taking the DNPS Student Leaders to this event.


Special Awards



1F - Sahana                   2B - Evin                       4P - Yousuf                        6D - Haris


1G - Manahil                 3W - Jaden                    4WM - Ali Reza                6A - Hadia


1H - Elnaz                     3L - Hania                     5D - Mehdi                        ICT - Archit (6K)


1O - Sienna                   3B - Aamir                    5H - Marko                        ICT - Hrishoth (5H)


2M - Ranjana                3LF - Noyan                  5F - Chudier                       Art - Ali (5D)


2AM - Anshdeep           3P - Haydin                   5L - Zainab                        Art - Nida (6K)


2C - Aarav                     4H - Dairah                   5CW - Baris                       PE - Abdullah (1L)


2S - Shanawar               4K - Hijraan                  6L - Sana                            PE - Dhattatray (2AM)


2N - Sumedha               4FM - Adem                  6HK - Sam                         PE - Manonith (3L)



Harmony Day - 21st March


Have your eyes ever caught something beauti- ful, like a traditional dress? Do you accidently stare at that item for a long time? Well, I can assure you that this Harmony Day all you will be doing is studying the amazing cultural and traditional clothing! To join in the fun, on Thursday 21st  March students are encour- aged to wear something inspired by their own culture, if you don’t own anything please wear orange which is the colour of Harmony Day.


We will be having a whole school parade from 10am to 11am, parents are welcome to attend.


By Siyana, 6A. Student Leader

Year 3 Incursion: Convicts & Captains


On Thursday the 14th  of March, the Grade Three classes had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Convicts and Captains Incursion that came to DNPS. Students were taken on a journey

back in time to the 1800s and dressed up as convicts from Brit- ain who travelled on the First Fleet ships that arrived on Aus- tralia’s shores. They played games that English settlers creat-

ed and put together puzzles of our national flags and emblems. One of the most exciting activities was making their own bricks out of clay and pretending to build walls, just like the British con- victs did in the late



Year 4 Excursion: Immigration Museum


Tuesday the 12th  March saw the grade four students and staff em- bark on an excursion to the Immi- gration Museum in the city. This was a journey to discover the histo- ry of immigration into our country in line with our Term One topic.

After a pleasant bus ride, we alight- ed from the buses and waited our turn to have a special lesson with a museum educator. This presenta- tion involved the students dressing up with clothes worn by the immigrants from the

1850’s and 1970’s (European and Vietnamese immigrants respectively). The students thoroughly enjoyed this activity as it gave them a new perspective on what it would have been like in these


Afterward, students and staff discovered the muse- um exhibits learning about the struggles and caus- es of immigration to Australia.

When this was completed, students partook of lunch and then ventured to a series of immigration sculptures and sights of the cityscape. A quick bus journey back to Dandenong ensued with everyone happy and better informed about Australia’s  Immigration History. A huge thanks to organisers of the excursion, accompanying staff and to the students for making the trip a

pleasant experience.



AFL Program


Last Thursday it was wonderful to see so many children participating after school in an AFL event hosted by players affiliated with the Melbourne Football Club.

This afternoon event was to bring together students from Years 2, 3 and 4 to learn some of the skills needed to play Australian Rules Football.

The children were excited to participate in the “rob the nest” game which had them running around and taking footballs from different piles to add to their own nests.

The players then showed our students the finer points to holding a football and handballing to each other.

The students worked well to- gether and had fun learning about some of the skills needed to play AFL.

The players will return again this Thursday afternoon for session two of this program which runs from 3.30 to 4.30.

A huge thank you goes out to the staff who gave up their time so that our students could participate in this physical education activity.

We also thank Miss Fisher for organising the players to come out - we appreciate their time in running these clinics for our children.

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