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6th March 2018



Earn and Lean


At last Monday’s Assembly we were lucky to have some visitors from Woolworths Dandenong come to visit.


They came to DNPS because of our efforts in 2017, with collect-ing the Woolworths Earn & Learn stickers.


These were collected by our families and then given to Woolworths for processing.


Our families were so good at this collection that we received the most stickers out of all of the schools in Dandenong!


A huge thank you needs to be given to all of the families who helped to collect the stickers and then took the time to bring them into school.


So on Monday, David from Woolies and some of his colleagues, came to present the Art items that we had gained as a result of our collection.


Modern Teaching Aids provided our school with a variety of Art paper, pastels, textas and other assorted items. Miss Mac and Mrs Saunders are very appreciative of their extra supplies and we are sure that our children will benefit from them.


A thank you to Miss Nish for organising the Earn and Learn collection.


We look forward to collecting these stickers again later in 2018.




School Representative Council


At Monday’s Assembly, the Student Representative Council (SRC) for 2018 was announced. The SRC is made up from children in Years 3 - 6 as well as the school captains.


To be an SRC member the member must be com-mitted, passionate, responsible, reliable, a good communicator as well as being willing to sacrifice their own time to represent the student population at Dandenong North.


The members of the SRC will have the opportunity to raise any ideas and share the thoughts of their class with the whole committee as well as organise fund raising events such as PJ day, Crazy Hair


Day and Year level Discos.


Congratulations to the following students who were elected to the SRC for 2018:


Ajla (3B), Sareena (3F), Eshana (3LF), Ali-Reza (3H), Hajara (3W), Ali (4FM), Joshua (4K), Jay-den (4H), Sophie (4L), Hrishoth (4N), Aysha (5WD), Archit (5H), Aisha (5D), Subdai (5F), Ariba (5L), Hira (6V), Pinky (6D), Reshmi (6H), Maryam (6L), Una (School Captain) and Shasvini (School Captain)




Family Board Gaming 

Human’s are social beings and require interaction, someone to talk to and listen as well as help solve problems. A great way to come together as a family is over a board game!


In today’s technological advancing age kids are often turning away from face-to-face contact and turning to-wards technology. Whether its Monopoly, Chess, Boggle or Scrabble board gaming is a great way to create a family ritual of spending some quality time together.


There are so many benefits to playing with board games. These can include and are not limited to:


Learning how to think ahead

Taking turns

Playing fairly


Encouraging others



Social skills

Intellectual skills – strategy and logic

Winning and Losing (gracefully)

Memory making

By playing together and seeking out device free time you can you have the opportunity to model good behaviour while having lots of laughs and fun.

Reasonably priced board games should be able to be purchased from op shops, Kmart or you could even borrow one from the Wellbeing Office.

Karene Blachford

Wellbeing Coordinator


Michael Ymer

Last Wednesday Michael Ymer our regular Maths consultant came to work with our students and teachers.

He always brings a new view to tasks and creates Professors of Maths in every classroom he enters!

This time he worked with the Year 1, 3 and 4 teachers developing Numeracy skills in areas requested by staff.

Michael demonstrated lessons with each year level on topics that decided upon through collaboration with members of each team.

We thank Michael for his assistance in developing our staff and look forward to the next time he visits.



Once again in 2018, Dandenong North Primary School has made available the online website pro-gram “Mathletics” for all children in Years 1 to 6 to use in their own homes. Children who have access to a computer and the internet can access this pro-gram at Children have their own individual password and can complete tasks relevant to their educational development. They can improve their fast mathematical recall times by competing in a live mathematical game against other children all around the world.

This program is a fantastic way to improve your child’s Mathematics progress, while they enjoy the use of the computer and competing against other children from around the world.

The Mathletics password also allows the children to access the on-line program Rainforest Maths at www.rainforestmaths .com


Annual General Meeting

The Dandenong North Primary School Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 26th March at 7 pm in the staffroom. This is a fantastic opportunity for the community to hear about the effectiveness of our school programs and the outstanding academic performance of our children. All parents are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting. Following this Annual General Meeting, the usual School Council Meeting will be held. 









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