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12th December 2017



2018 Student Leaders

Monday’s Assembly is one of the most awaited of all year - the announcements of who is going to be the 2018 School Leaders! The hall was bursting with families who had come to see their loved ones receive their positions and it was an exciting time for all those who applied.

As mentioned at Monday’s Assembly, it was decided after much discussion, between Mr Mackay, Mrs Mackay and Mr Hilton, that Shasvini and Una would be the School Captains for 2018. However due to the fantastic presentations given by all of the students who tried out, the Dandenong North leadership team has decided to implement a new student leadership structure. Whereby, the other eight nominated students were given positions on the newly formed, School Captain’s Leadership Team.

It has been decided that all ten children will work together as a team providing DNPS with further student voice.

Part of this new group’s roles will be to meet with Miss Sobia regularly and to present information at assemblies, pro-vide articles for the newsletter, create short films using the Green Room and be given the opportunity to present at a School Council meeting.

House Captains and Vice captains were also announced during this assembly.

Congratulations to tall members of the DNPS Student Leadership Team for 2018! We are sure you will continue to make our school great!

Student Reports

Over the last few weeks, our teachers have been involved in writing individual end of year student reports.

They have continued to assess and evaluate student progress throughout the year in order to provide parents with the most accurate account of student abilities as is possible.

As well as essential learnings, effort and behaviour are also viewed and commented upon by teachers.

These end of year reports will be handed out to all students on the last day of the school year - Friday 22nd December.

We thank all of our teaching staff for taking the time to write these informative documents ensuring a continuing partnership and connection between home and school.

Whole School Concert

The end of year school concert is approaching at a rapid rate and all of the grades have been busily rehearsing their items in readiness for the whole School Concert on Monday 18th December.

The students will be performing on the stage area and parents are welcome to come and view the show.

It will begin at 1.45pm and will conclude at 3.15pm.


We would love to see as many parents or family members as possible - so please bring a rug to sit on under our shaded area and enjoy the con-cert.

We are requesting that no chairs be used as they can damage the Osh rounders court surface.

There will be Choc tops, drinks and icy poles for sale on this afternoon so remember to bring along some money to purchase these yummy items.

We hope to see you all at the show!





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