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11th December 2018


This edition of “News From the North” will be the last one to be printed and sent home with each child on a Tuesday afternoon, at Dandenong North Primary School. Everyone now has access to technology through phones and tablets - therefore the school has made the decision to stop printing newsletters - preferring an electronic version instead. This does not mean that there will no longer be a newsletter - as this communication is important in order to keep our community up to date with what is occurring at the school. Instead, the fortnightly newsletter can be found both on the website and through the App “Updat-ed”.

We have had a phenomenal response from our families who have downloaded the app and have been accepted by our website coordinator. We are hoping that there will be more families who will download the app in order to continue to receive the newsletter which informs families of what is occurring in and around our school. If you have any questions regarding this, you can come to the office and talk with one of our friendly office staff who will be more than happy to assist you.


News From the North


Calendar of Events


DECEMBER 2018 17th - School Concert




The end of year school concert is approaching at a rapid rate and all of the grades have been busily re-hearsing their items in readiness for the whole School Concert on Monday 17th December.

The students will be performing on the stage area and parents are wel-come to come and view the show.


It will begin at 1.45pm and will conclude at 3.15pm. There will be no early dismissal of children on this day.

We would love to see as many par-ents or family members as possible - so please bring a rug to sit on under our shaded area and enjoy the concert.


We are requesting that no chairs be used as they can damage the Oshrounders court surface.


There will be Choc tops, drinks and icy poles for sale on this afternoon so remember to bring along some money to purchase these yummy items.


We hope to see you all at the show!


School Pledge


I will do all that I can to make sure that Dandenong North Primary School remains a great school.


I will try my hardest to fol-low the 4Cs to keep our school a safe and happy place.


I promise to treat others as I would like to be treated.



It is once again that time of year when the School Captains are selected.


The current Year 5 and 6 teachers along with Mr Malone, and Mr Hil-ton were lucky enough to hear the wonderful speeches given by the Year 5 candidates, in order to be shortlisted to present at Monday’s Assembly.


It is a terribly difficult decision and it’s made even harder because of the disappointment that is


evident on the faces of those students who are not shortlisted.


However, through this process, we are then treated to some exemplar speeches made by the nomi-nees - which we listened to at last Monday’s Assem-bly.


The nominees are - Harsiga (5F), Siyana (5F), Shavin (5D), Mahnoor (5H), Farzana (5D), Lazar (5F), Devasena (5D), Thenila (5D), Vaishnavi (5WD) and Jeremy (5H).


All leadership positions will be an-nounced by Mr Mackay at the final assembly on the 17th December.


Term 4 School Spirit Awards



It certainly was a long assembly on Monday as Mr Mackay read out all of the nominees for Term Four School Spirit.


These are always particularly lengthy awards as teachers attempt to “pack in” as much information about the students as they can. Which leads Mr Mac-kay, Mrs Mackay and Mr Hilton with the unenviable task of selecting only one from each grade level.


The theme this term appeared to be persistence, confi-dence and a “can do” attitude from all nominees.


However there can only be one winner from each year level and they are listed below.


Thank you to the staff for putting such an ef-fort into these awards.


A huge thank you must go to the students who make the selection of only one child out of a grade so difficult as there are many deserving nominees.


If you missed out this time, maybe Term One 2019 will be your turn!



Prep H - Rafay

1S - Rayyan

2JH - Moeez

4FM - Rusana


- Kesenraj









Prep A - Reem

1W - Keerthanan


- Redah


- Ananya


- Freshta









Prep K - Izzat

1M - Donna


- Tenzin


- Sandy


- Shazaan








Prep JM - Rima

1L - Dilaksini

3F - Lachlan


- Chudier


- Tiana






Prep N - Beryl

1NW - Abana

3LF - Omratu

5F - Farzaan

6L - Shasvini







Prep M - Aziz

1F - Shabir

3W - Hajara

5WD - Nida










Prep O - Dhatsin

2C - Haydin

3B - Brinthan


- Anaheta









1O - Saba

2S - Vansh

4L - Sadia

5L - Anay













Here are the winners for Term Four:


The winner from Prep:


Dhatsin (Prep O)


For his excellent first year at school. Every day, he comes to school ready to do his very best. He follows the 4Cs and is always a valued member of Prep O. Dhatsin is eager to learn new concepts. He loves reading stories and learning new words. He enjoys counting to 100 and making tricky patterns with colours and shapes. He is excellent at addition and subtraction problems. Through the Talk for Writing pro-gram, Dhatsin was excellent at retelling the story of a little bad-tempered ladybird, from one of Prep O’s favourite picture story books, The Bad Tempered Ladybird. He helped other children learn and recite the story, as he was an excellent storytell-er, using great expression in his voice. He remembered all the actions to the story and helped his friends to do the same.


Term 4 School Spirit Awards Continued:


The winner from Year 1:


Shabir (1F)


I am so proud of all of the hard work you have done during this whole year! You have such a happy, positive attitude to school, learning and everyone in the class. You have always tried your best and have wanted to learn more and more each day. You have a wonderful smile that everyone loves and you treat your friends with kindness every day. I will miss having you in 1F next year, but I know you will keep working like a star in grade 2! Well done on such an awesome year Sha-bir!


The winner from Year 2:


Redah (2H)


Congratulations Redah on such a fantastic year in grade 2H! You have proven yourself to be a wonderful, young man who constantly applies himself and works to the best of his ability. You have adapted yourself well to more challenging situ-ations this year and always remained positive. Redah I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you and being a part of such a positive transformation this year, and wish you all the very best next year in grade 3! Keep up the great work!


The winner from Year 3:


Brinthan (3B)


Brinthan has been a shining light in our class, this year. He is extremely persistent in every task he attempts, whether he is in class, with Miss Sandra or in EAL. He always has a friendly smile for his peers and loves to help those around him. His love of learning inspires everyone in 3B! Keep up the great effort superstar!


The winner from Year 4:


Chudier (4K)


Chudier is one of the most hardworking, determined and conscientious students of 4K. She uses her time effectively each lesson to complete her work to high stand-ard and always asks if she can do more! Chudier is a kind hearted girl who has a strong adoration for her classmates, friends and teachers, spreading her love through messages of encouragement, praise and compliments! I am so proud of how far you have come this year Chudier! Your confidence will continue to shine brighter than ever before if you just keep believing in yourself!


The winner from Year 5:


Kesenraj (5D)


Kesenraj is a student who beams with optimism and positivity. He is a well-mannered individual with an infectious personality and a desire to learn. Kesenraj has focused on maintaining a growth mindset and has viewed challenges as oppor-tunities for learning, I believe this is one of the many contributing factors to his success. Kesenraj constantly displays Dandenong North Primary School’s 4Cs and quietly goes about displaying acts of kindness to classmates and teachers. You are a treasured member of 5D Kesenraj, well done!


The winner from Year 6:


Shasvini (6L)


Shasvini has put her whole heart and soul into her role as School Captain of Dan-denong North Primary School. She is a kind and courteous student who shows good manners in and out of the classroom. Shasvini is a positive and supportive student who has the trust and respect of her peers and teachers. She is a motivated learner who is dedicated to her learning. Not only that, she is a hardworking person who spends her recess and lunch helping others and the school. You've done ex-tremely well this year! Well done on all of your efforts, Shasvini!


2019 School Council Vacancies



Three School Councilors will complete their current terms of office as of 31st, March in 2019. They are: Mrs. Demi Donmex-Pau, Klaudia Napolitano and Chaman-Ali Saberi as parent representatives, and Mr.Hilton as a staff member of school council. Mr. Charman-Ali Saberi will no longer have any children attending Dandenong North primary School in 2019, so he will be ineligible to be re-elected. Anyone interested in nominating for school council and making their time and skill available to the school in the committed and important role of School Councilor, is welcome to discuss the process with Mr.Mackay. Parents or staff can obtain a nomination form from the office. Parents can self-nominate or they can be nominated by another parent. Nominations must be received by the Principal by close of business, Friday 15th February, 2019. If there are more nominations than vacant positions, a ballot will need to be conducted.



Nominations are called to fill three positions for parent members of School Council, and one staff member. Nomination forms can be collected from the main office and must be filled in by two members of the parent body of the school for par-ent vacancies. The person being nominated is re-quired to acknowledge that they agree to be a candidate for the position.


Kevin Mackay



10th December 2019



End of Year Reports


Over the last few weeks, our teachers have been in-volved in writing individual end of year student re-ports.


They have continued to assess and evaluate student progress throughout the year in order to provide par-ents with the most accurate account of student abili-ties as is possible.


As well as essential learnings, effort and behaviour are also viewed and commented upon by teachers.


These end of year reports will be handed out to all students on the last day of the school year - Friday 21st December.


We thank all of our teaching staff for taking the time to write these informative docu-ments ensuring a continuing partnership and connection between home and school.



ICAS Numeracy Medal


Athsayan (4N) recently went to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre to receive his gold medal for Numeracy. He showed his medal at assembly, receiving a big cheer from the audience.


Athsayan was presented his medal for achieving in the top 1% of all children for his age level for the University of NSW test. This demonstrates what a mathematician Athsayan is!


Athsayan is the first student from Dandenong North Primary School to ever receive this honour! Congratulation Athsayan, the Dandenong North community is very proud of you!


Malone Medallion Winners


Mr Malone presented two more Malone Medal-lions at Monday’s Assembly! The children listened with anticipation hoping they would be the deserv-ing recipient.


The first student to be awarded a medallion was:


Shadman 6H


In 2016, Shadman finished 15th in the District Cross Country, improving to 11th position in 2017 and finally 6th this year. Reaching the Division Cross Country he placed 14th.


In 2016, he competed at the District Athletics in the hurdles placing 4th and the triple jump finish-ing 3rd. In 2017, he came 2nd in the triple jump, going onto the Divisional finals coming 4th. This year, he placed 4th in the hurdles and 2nd in the 4 x 100m relay. In this event at a Division level the team placed 4th..


Shadman also represented DNPS in the basketball, soccer and cricket gala day teams.


Freshta 6D


In 2016 and 2017,

Freshta competed in

the District Cross

Country placing 17th.

This year she im-

proved to 10th making

it through to the Divi-

sion Finals placing 14th.


At the District Athletics in 2016, Freshta placed 4th in the Long Jump, 1st in Shot Put - Division 4th, 4x 100m relay 1st in a record time, 1st in Di-vision and 4th at Region - a fabulous effort! In 2017 she again placed 4th in the Long Jump and in 2018 4th in the 800 metres.


Freshta represented DNPS at several Gala day events in the basketball, soccer and cricket teams.


Congratulations to both students!




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