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19th February 2019
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News From the North

Preps Off and Running

Our Preps have settled in well to their new learning environment. The 2019 Prep teachers have spent many hours organising their new rooms both in the last week of 2018 and over the holidays, to ensure that they were ready for the start of a new academic year.

Whilst it’s a very emotional transition for our families, it has been a wonderful start for all of our Prep students.

Already you can start to see the growth and improvements that they make over a short period of time, with students now entering the playground with the other students during recess and lunch times.

Students have begun to complete excellent pieces of work and have shown their enthusiasm for school!

What a fabulous start to their lifelong learning journey!!


School Hours

Children are required to arrive at school between 8:45 and 9am. If children arrive after 9am, children must first go to the Office to be given a “Late Pass”. Students are dis-missed from school at 3:15.

Each day, teachers are on duty from 8.45am until 3.30pm. Children who are at school outside these hours are not supervised.

After 3:30pm it is considered the parents/carers duty of care to ensure children are safe and under their supervision unless they have phoned to inform the school they will be late.

The school will ensure all students have been collected by parents/carers before the school is closed for the day, however, the expectation is that children will have left the school grounds by 3:30pm.


New Assembly Format

Our weekly Monday morning Assembly is a celebration of student achievement, however as we continue to expand the cramped hall has meant that we have had to make some changes to the way our assembly is run.

To begin with, each week, two year levels do not attend the assembly in the hall - but instead they watch a pre-recorded assembly that has been produced by members of the Student Leadership Team.

Every week the student awards are also alternated so that there is never a year level receiving award who are not in attendance. Monday’s Assembly was spacious and the temperature within the building was more regulated due to less bodies in the room.

The Preps already hold a separate assembly to the rest of the school - however this has not started yet.

A big thanks to Mr Cheng for assisting the Student Leadership team and also to Mr Lodge for appearing each week for the lucky badge numbers.

Please see this weeks award winners listed below:

1F - Selen

2S - Vigashni

4K - Niksika

5L - Habeeba

1G - Shajini

2B - Naren

4FM - Tenzin

5CW - Abhinav

1L - Maevis

3W - Samrawit

4P - Ayaan

6D - All of 6D

1H - Shabir

3L - Yousuf

4WM - Janusha

6HK - Kalainila

1O - Alamdar

3B - All of 3B

5D - Santhya

6L - Suha

2M - Ali

3LF - Bosilu

5F - Yalda

6K - All of 6K

2C - Amir

3P– Ava

5H - Omid

6A - Shahyan

2N - Buom

4H - Mitra

Mrs Hilton - Berrin (5D)



School Council Vacancies

Three School Councillors will complete their current terms of office as of 31st, March in 2019. They are: Mrs. Demi Donmex-Pau, Klaudia Napolitano and Chaman-Ali Saberi as parent representatives, and Mr.Hilton as a staff member of school council.

Nominations closed on Friday 15th February and at the time of closing there were three parent nominees for the parent vacancies and one nominee for the staff vacancy. Nominations were received from Klaudia Napolitano, Demi Donmex-Pau and Nisath Amreen for the parent member vacancies and from Paul Hilton for the staff vacancy.

There being the same number of nominees as vacancies there will be no need for a ballot and the nominees are duly elected to school council to serve two year terms until 31st March 2021.

Congratulations to our new school councillors and also to Anne Scott who was co-opted to school council as a community representative at the last school council meeting of 2018. Co-opted members serve one year terms.

We are very pleased to have such enthusiastic and involved parents and staff who give up their private time to assist with the governance of the school through policy development and financial oversight.

NEW SCHOOL COUNCIL 2019 (from April 1st. )Klaudia Napolitano, Demi Donmex-Pau, Nisath Amreen Abdul Kareem Ibrahimsha, Car-olyn Roy, Anne Scott, Kevin Mackay, Paul Hilton and Jenny Mackay. Non-voting Administrative Management - Kristie Miller.

Kevin Mackay


18th February 2019


Student Leadership – PAL Leaders

Last Monday and Tuesday 26 Year 6 students who had been carefully selected to attend a two day training program became accredited Peer Activity Leaders (PAL) for 2019.

Here is what one PAL Leader wrote:

With the beginning of a new school year, Peer Activity Leaders (PAL) are chosen to ensure that no DNPS students are left behind to feel lonely and friendless. PALs are members of Year 6, including House and Vice House Captains. All selected students had two days of training, both theory and practical, where they were educated on how to be successful in their new roles. PALs will choose and organise fun games which will run during snack time, Monday to Thursday. All students looking to make a new friend are encouraged to take part. So, don’t be shy, let’s play together and have fun!

By Lazar M 6L

A big thank you to Mr Gould, Miss Karen and Miss Karene for taking the time to instruct our new Peer Activity Leaders for DNPS.

And congratulations to the PAL team of students.


Victorian Parliament

Year 5 and 6 students are working on their knowledge of Parliament and democracy this term, with the theme “People Power.”

They have been lucky enough to have had members of the educational branch at Victorian Parliament House, come out and speak with grades about the three levels of government and how a law is made.

So far, five grades have been able to experience this free incursion, with the final five being presented next week.

The students were all interested in the opportunity to sit at a table like they do in Parliament, with a clerk to oversee the proceedings as they read from scripts about a new plastic bag law that they would like introduced.

Each session is a fabulous immersive experience into the world of politics.


Regional Carnival

Hassan (6A) had a successful weekend when he participated in a The Casey Region Athletics Carnival.

He participated in the 800m events on Saturday, placing 4th out of 28 competitors - a fantastic effort!

On Sunday he was especially proud of his performance when he beat his biggest rival in the

1500m run, to place 3rd overall - earning him a wonderful medal for his efforts.

Congratulations Hassan on a wonderful athletic performance!

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