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6th February 2018




Welcome Back!


A warm welcome to our Dandenong North families. We always enjoy hearing the fabulous holiday stories of our students. As well it is also a time for us to get to know our new students and their families.

As usual – it promises to be another fabulous and exciting year for all of our students and staff!

Our current student population is 840 children which is wonderful.

Despite the ever expanding student population and new staff, it has been great to see how quickly each student has settled back into the routine of school.

Our Preps have settled in well to their new learning environment. They have begun working with their peers and undertaking specialist classes away from their class teachers. It is a very emotional transition for our families however it is wonderful to see the growth and improvements that they make in a short space of time.

This year with our new Student Leadership Team, there is going to be a greater focus on “student voice” throughout the school. Al-lowing children a greater opportunity to respond to what is happening at our great school. There will be updates in the newsletter from this leadership team which we look forward to reading.

As in previous years we have trained Peer Mediators to support students in the yard at recess and lunch times.

We will also be re-introducing the Peer Activity Leaders who will organise and run games at recess times to include all students. These PAL leaders are our current House Captains and Vice Captains.

There are also sport programs being run for Years 5 and 6 during lunchtimes by outside agencies. These sports include, soccer, cricket, netball and volleyball.

In a first to Dandenong North the Year 1 and 2 students are undertaking Drama classes that are being run by the Footsteps Company. Last Friday was the first session and the Year 2 students had a fantastic time.


We look forward to the year ahead!


Sun Smart School

A reminder to all children and parents that during Terms 1 and 4, all children are required to wear a hat. All children should have their own hat and it should be brought to school everyday or they can be left at school. It’s important that you name your child’s hat to ensure that it is re-turned to them if it is lost. Bucket hats can be purchased from the uniform shop for $9.95 or the wide brim hats for $12.95.


Jungwirth Award

At Monday’s Assembly, it was with pride that Mrs Mackay presented two scholarships to Year 6 children on behalf of the Jungwirth family.

For many years the Jungwirth family has been associated with Dandenong North Primary, beginning with Mr Ray Jungwirth who taught at Dandenong North Primary when the school first opened in 1954.

The Jungwirth family highly value the education of children and have consistently provided scholar-ships for Dandenong North students who come from a non-English speaking background.

The first scholarship was presented to Mahdiyeh (6V) for Academic Excellence.

The second scholarship is awarded to an EAL student who has shown growth and continuous improvement with their learning of the English language as well as a dedication to all other curriculum areas. The EAL Scholarship was awarded to Isira (6D)

These scholarships are to assist the students with their uniform and book purchases for the year. If they decide to at-tend Dandenong High School in Year 7, the scholarship will continue.

We congratulate both of the award winners for their effort and this subsequent reward.


Keyboard Lessons

Parents there is a keyboard program that is offered at Dandenong North Primary School. Stu-dents are taught in a group of 5 or you might want to consider a smaller group of 2 or even private lessons for students who might wish to sit for exams. These lessons are offered to students in grades 2-6.

Enrolment forms will be handed out to the grade 2’s for 2018 and are also available at the school office; contact Lili on 0438 901146 or email


Year 6 Growth Day

An integral part of the start to Year 6 is the Growth Day that the children participate in. It aims to assist the children to gain friendships and become more aware of themselves and their abilities.

The children are placed in Care Groups that they will re-main a part of for the rest of the year. They will have opportunities to touch base with the care group leaders and keep up to date with what is happening in the students lives.

On Thursday the children came in free dress and participated in three different activities.

One was to build their awareness of themselves through the creation of a “face biscuit” and the listing of attributes and skills that is unique to each child.

The second activity that the children participated in was aimed at developing their abilities to work as an effective team member. The activities included blindfolding and trusting your partner to assist you through an obstacle course, working as a team to travel along joined together, parachute work to keep a ball off the ground and many more.

The third activity was the scariest with the students facing their fears to hold and touch a variety of creatures. There were lizards and snakes along with a wombat called Sebastian.

The students had a great day challenging them-selves and working as a cog within a team.

Thanks to all of the staff who participated in this day. 




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