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17th October 2017



A Bright Start to Term 4

As expected, it was another fabulous start to the term with all teach-ers and students returning full of enthusiasm and excitement!

 Every term is educationally important, however Term Four of any year is an emotional one as the Year 6 students enter the final phase of their time at Primary School. This year our Year 6 end of year events have changed slightly. In order for children to celebrate their end of school events, we have moved the certificate presentation ceremony to Tuesday 19th December and the graduation luncheon will be taking place on Thursday 21st December. This is to ensure that Thursday’s events are enjoyable for all children - with the main focus being on the students having fun.

There is also the annual Whole School Concert being held on the last Monday of Term Four (18th December) - so don’t be surprised to hear music playing as children are choreographing dances for their end of year performance. This is always a wonderful way to finish off the year and an event that is looked forward to by all of the children. 

This term, the Prep classes will be looking at the theme of “Mini Beasts” and they are having an incursion called Creepy Crawlies where there will be lots of small insects on show!

The Year 1 and 2 students will be focusing on “Fun in the Sun”. The children in Years 1 and 2 will visit Mordialloc Beach as part of their work on this theme. 

The Year 3 and 4 students are undertaking the science theme of “Forces in Motion” and are looking forward to the visit from Swimburne University students who will be conducting various experiments with the children. 

Finally the Year 5 and 6 students are looking at the Science based topic “States of Matter”. Where they will be undertaking various chemical reaction experiments. They are also taking part in a chemistry incursion that will show-case how states of matter mix to create a reaction. 

Of course the Year 3 to 6 staff and children are lucky to have Lyn Watts back in their classrooms working to develop our student’s writing skills. 

It promises to again be a massive term for staff, students and parents! 


Prep Transition Program 

With over 90 Prep students already enrolled for 2018, preparations are well under way for our new Prep students ‘transition sessions’. Prep transition sessions are very successful in preparing new Preps for the beginning of their school life. The focus of these sessions are to make the children feel happy and comfortable about starting school. These sessions will be conducted by the Prep teachers within their classrooms as well as a PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) session with the Physical Education teacher and an art lesson with the Art teacher. During this time, children will have the opportunity to become familiar with their new surroundings, teachers and future classmates. Parents will also be given the opportunity to attend parent information sessions held during the day.

Dates for our 2018 Prep Transition classes:


18th October 2017, 9.30-10:45


25th October 2017, 9.30-10:45


1st November 2017, 9.30-10:45


We look forward to seeing all of our new Prep students for 2018 at these sessions.




University of NSW English Testing 

Mrs Mackay presented the University of NSW English results at Monday’s Assembly. The exceptional results that our children received as part of the University of New South Wales English Assessments, follow on from the fantastic results that were obtained for the NAPLAN testing.

This year, 67 students participated in the English test with just under 50% of student’s achieving a High Distinction, Distinction, Credit or Merit Certificate. 

Hrishoth G (3M) achieved a High Distinction - placing him in the top 1% of students across Australia considering the complexity of the test. 

Sachin (3H), Athsayan S (3B), Michelle W (3M), Niyantraa (4FM), Aayan H (4N), Sanuk M (4M), Lazar M (4C) and Reshmi M (5S) all received a Distinction certificate for their English test, achieving in the top 10% in Australia. 

This is a fabulous effort considering the complexity of the test. 

Congratulations to all of the children who participated in this test! 


Hats for Term 4

It is term Four and that means it is time for students to wear their school hats during all outside play. This includes play and lunch times as well as all outside sporting events. 

As Dandenong North is a Sun Smart School it is expected that students will wear a navy blue school hat (broad brimmed or legionnaire), during Terms 1 and 4 of the school year. 

All children should have their own hat and it should be brought to school everyday or alternatively it can be left in classrooms. 

Hats can be purchased from the uniform shop for $12.50. 

The hats provided by the EAL teachers are only for borrowing in case of emergencies or forgetfulness. Some class teachers have “spare” hats that can be leant in emergencies - however there is an expectation that all children will have their own school hat. 

Please ensure your child has the correct school hat as soon as possible. 


Term 3 Absence Data 

At Monday’s Assembly, Mr Lodge spoke about the attendance rates for students in Term Three. There were 50 school days in Term Three, with Mr Lodge highlighting how the winter months of last term, in turn leads children to being susceptible to the common cold and other viruses which cause them to take time off school. 

Throughout the term, 24% of children attended school everyday, which equates to 197 students. The grade with the most students who attended 100% of the time in Term Three was 3F with 40% of the students in this grade attending 100% of the term. This is slightly below what was achieved in Term 3 2016. 

There were 68% of children who achieved a good attendance record for the term (less than five days absent for the term). 3W and 4N had the best good attendance for the term, with 88% of students missing less than 5 days of school in Term Three. 

Lastly, the students in Year 5 achieved the best good attendance record with 74%. 

Congratulations to all students who achieved 100% at-tendance for Term Three.


Intensive Swimming Program 

The 10 day Intensive Swimming Program is starting on the 13th November for the younger year levels and late November for the middle and upper school students - finishing on the 8th December. 

Lessons this year will again be taught at Just Swimming, Scott Street Dandenong. 

Students will travel to and from the pool by bus every day for two weeks. The cost of this program is $90.00, which equates to $9 per lesson. 

There have been notes sent home to all students during Term Two and you can collect another note if required, from the office. 

As Dandenong North Primary has continued to grow, positions are limited so it is very important that the school receives confirmation of your intention to have your student participate in the program as soon as possible. As part of this confirmation a $30 deposit is required. 

Families that have successfully applied for the CSEF payment are able to use this payment for swimming if there are sufficient funds remaining. 

If you wish for your child to participate in the swimming program your payment must be finalized as soon as possible as spots are limited. 



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