Term 1, Year 3 2018

What an amazing start it has been so far in Grade 3 in 2018! Children have arrived back at school fresh from the holidays and excited to start their new learning.

We welcome one new staff member to Grade 3, Miss Farrar, who has come all the way from London, England to work with our children.
Throughout Term One, students will be studying and investigating our theme: ‘Discovering Australia,’ focussing on the First Fleet arriving on our shores and the impact this arrival had.
Some important events in Grade 3 this year to be aware of are the NAPLAN tests which will be held in May during Term Two.
Children will have taken home a Green Reading Journal this week, children are expected to be reading every night and record their reading in the journal. You will also have noticed children took home Homework books on Friday, Homework is given out on Friday’s and expected back the following Friday.
We are all looking forward to a fantastic and productive year in Grade 3!

Term 4 News! 


Brr! Wow! Look at those balloon cars whizz past. The feel of the magnet repelling is strong! The friction on the carpet appears to slow the balloon car down…


By Michelle 3M


Sally the Scientist from Swinburne University spoke to Grades 3 and 4 about Isaac Newton and his Three Laws of Motion. The children conducted three experiments: testing push and pull using magnets, experimenting with the law of inertia and testing friction and thrust with a balloon car. 3 and 4 students were brilliantly behaved and learned a lot about our Forces Theme.

Testing the laws of inertia!

Balloon car race!

Push and pull!



Last week we celebrated Book Week! We had an amazing time at the Book Parade where all students showed off their incredible favourite character outfits.


Grade 3 parents, don’t forget to collect your child’s NAPLAN results from your Grade 3 class teacher. We are so proud of all of their achievements!


Myths, Legends, Fables and Footsteps!


This week, the grade 3s and 4s have been learning all about Myths, Legends and Fables. The students have explored a range of different stories from the Aboriginal Dreaming and Greek Mythology and have planned, edited and published their own versions.


We are now half through our incredible footsteps program and our students are beginning to bust out some amazing dance moves. Check out our dances moves!

Swimming update!

All students are still encouraged to bring back their swimming notes as there are still places available. Being able to swim is such an imperative skill and having swimming lessons is the perfect way to acquire these skills.

What's New in Term 3?

We have loads to look forward to this term, with our exciting Footsteps program to get our students keeping warm in this cold and windy weather!


All students are encouraged to bring back their school dental form as soon as possible so they can have their teeth checked by the school dental service. Any follow up treatments will be carried out in the onsite dental van to save you a trip to the dentist!


Late last term children received a note to reserve a place for the popular swimming program during term 4. Places are filling up quickly so it is important to return this note as soon as possible to make sure your child does not miss out! If you are eligible for the Camps, Sport and Excursion Fund (CSEF), the swimming program will be of no cost to you. Check with your child’s teacher to see if this applies to you.

Term 2 News!


It has been a very busy term in Years 3 and 4! Grade 3 have spent the first part of term 2 preparing for NAPLAN – it is very exciting to announce that NAPLAN is over and our children performed brilliantly. The writing task this year was persuasive writing and our children were able to write anything they wanted! Some persuaded us whether, ‘dogs were better than cats,’ ‘healthy food was better than junk food,’ and lots of other topics! We are so proud of all our Grade 3’s for being so well behaved and focussed during their week of testing. On Friday to celebrate we had a ‘Friday Fun day,’ where the children were involved in Sport, ICT, Craft, Literacy and Cooking lessons to celebrate a successful NAPLAN week!



Grade 4 have been busy earning their karate belts during their ‘times table challenges,’ where children are working hard to learn their times tables, there is a fantastic competitive buzz around Grade 4 Friday mornings. Grade 4 have just completed a narrative unit and will move on to information reports next week! We can’t wait to see the amazing reports they produce.

A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to term one, 2017! We are so excited to have you in Grade 3/4 with us this year!

This year we welcome Miss Hillard to Grade 3 and Miss Clugg to Grade 4 at Dandenong North Primary School! We also welcome back Miss Wiltgren to Grade 3 after two years exploring the UK and Miss McNab to Grade 4 all the way from Grade 2!

This term the Grade 3/4 students will be involved in learning about our theme One Country Many Faces where they will explore our place within Australia, and Australia's place within the world. This unit of work aims to inform students about Australia's modern day multicultural society.

As the temperature continues to rise, students must wear their hats during recess and lunch time as we are a sun smart school!

Students are also reminded to return their Camps, Sport and Excursion Fund (CSEF) forms as soon as possible to receive financial assistance that will help them to pay for excursions later on in the year. Check with your child’s teacher to see if this applies to you. Students are also encouraged to make their final Booklist payments as soon as possible if this hasn't already been done.

We are looking forward to an exciting and successful 2017, full of learning and fun!


3/4 Area Enquiries

Year 3 Area Leader

Susie Hillard


Year 4 Area Leader

Melissa Maskell & Claire Ferguson



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