Term 3 News

Welcome back to school everyone.  We have an exciting term organised for our Grade 2 students. 

Footsteps commence this term in the first week every Thursday after lunch.  This program complements the schools focus on student activity and fitness.  Students look forward to this 5-week program.

All Year 2 classes will also commence going to ICT lessons with Mr Cheng.  Students will receive instructions on touch typing, making movies, using Word and PowerPoint and having the experience of being filmed in front of the Green Screen in the school’s multi-media room.

In the second week, students will be going on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary www.zoo.org.au/healesville.  As the website proudly claims, Healesville is a “bushland haven for Australian wildlife.”  It will be a fantastic opportunity for our students to encounter Australian flora and fauna.  Students will visit various animals and observe them in their natural surroundings.  Our students will have a chance to listen and question rangers, vets and volunteers who will share their roles, passions and relationships that they’ve developed with the sanctuary’s animals.

After we return from Healesville Sanctuary, students will:
•    Write about their experience of the excursion.
•    Students will also learn how to write information texts about  Australian animals. 
•    Mr Cheng will show students how to create movies from pictures and videos taken at Healesville Sanctuary.


Term 2 News


Where did Term 1 go? Time flies when you’re having fun!! We farewelled Ms Langdon who taught Grade 2JH in Term 1 and welcomes Ms Howarth back from maternity leave. 




Fairy tales: 


This term we are studying Fairy tales with the children learning about the key features of this writing such as starting with ‘Once upon a time’, ending with ‘They lived happily ever after’, magical elements, royalty, talking animals and a problem that is solved by the end of the story. We have been reading many fairy tales such as Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears to name a few. 




Students will be looking forward to our ‘Fairy Tales Frenzy’ incursion. This will be held in May and provides a real-life learning experience as children will be dressing up as fairy tale characters. These types of experiences are an essential part of schooling as they give the children an opportunity to learn about a topic in a fun and exciting way outside the regular classroom setting. 






Term 2 is also the time for report writing and Parent/Teacher interviews. Teachers will be assessing reading, writing and maths to provide a comprehensive evaluation of where each child in their class is about their learning.




Parent/Teacher interviews will be held later in the term and give parents a chance to speak to their child’s teacher about what is written in the report. We encourage all parents to attend these interviews.




Looking forward to another busy term.

Fairy tale Fiasco - The Drama Toolbox video.  Click on this link and enjoy.



Term 1 News

It has been a fantastic start to 2018, with the students in Year 2 returning to school ready and eager to learn. We welcome a new staff member to the Year 2 team.  Ms Langdon is teaching Grade 2JH in Term One before Ms Howarth returns from maternity leave in Term Two.


Throughout Term One, students will be focusing on the theme “About Me - Where do I come from?” This topican excellent way for the children to get to know their new classmates as they will be participating in a range of cultural activities which will culminate in Harmony Day celebrations at the end of Term. Teachers will also revise the importance of the 4Cs (Care, Courtesy, Cooperation and Common sense) which are the core values of Dandenong North Primary School.  

We promote and encourage nightly reading for all students in Year 2 as it is a way for parents to help their child with their learning. Mathletics details have also been sent home with readers. Mathletics is an excellent resource to revise what has been taught in the classroom. Those students who need extra support with reading will attend the Reading Intervention Program and will have tasks to complete on a nightly basis


We look forward to a productive year in 2018!


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