Year 1, Term One 2018

Welcome back to another busy year at Dandenong North Primary School.


Year 1, Term 1, Themed Unit

Throughout Term One students will be focusing on the theme ‘All About Me’. We are aiming on settling into new routines in the classroom and getting to know our new peers. We will be talking to the children about topics such as who is in their family and what they like to do as a family on the weekends. We will learn about special celebrations, such as our birthdays and will mark them on the calendar so we know when to celebrate. We will also be revising the Four Cs (Care, Courtesy, Common Sense and Cooperation) to ensure the children are aware of the expectations of behaviour at our school.


Year 1, Term 1, Mathematics

This term during Mathematics sessions, students will be focusing on their number skills, by recognising, naming and ordering numbers (starting with numbers 0-20 and then moving to numbers beyond 20). Students will be revisiting the days of the week, months of the year and seasons. In the coming weeks, students will be given a Mathletics username and password from their classroom teacher and it would be highly recommended to use this resource from home, in order to revisit what is being taught in the classroom.


Year 1, Term 1, English

During Reading lessons this term we will be completing an author study of Mem Fox, we have already been enjoying listening to and discussing some of her well-known stories such as ‘Possum Magic’, ‘The Magic Hat’ and ‘Koala Lou’. We will also be introducing some classroom reading routines, where the children will be introduced to some new reading activities. The children will soon be bringing home their own access code to ‘Oxford Owl’, where they can access many digital books from home or school. If you would like more information about reading with your child, please see the attached pdf. In Writing lessons, we will be focusing on using adjectives to paint better descriptions as well as constructing sentences using correct punctuation. We will also begin learning a new story called ‘Handa’s Surprise’ in our ‘Talk for Writing’ lessons, followed by writing our own short ‘surprise’ stories.

This term we will be encouraging the students to become independent learners. Therefore, can you please ensure that your child carries their own bag into school each morning and enters the classroom by themselves. Bedtime is also very important on weeknights. Please make sure that your child has plenty of sleep, waking bright and fresh for a wonderful day of learning. It is vital for students to arrive promptly at school each morning as learning begins at 9:00am.


We look forward to learning about all of our amazing students and we’re looking forward to a successful year!


Grade 1 Team



Year 2, Term One 2018

It has been a fantastic start to 2018, with the students in Year 2 returning to school ready and eager to learn. We welcome a new staff member to the Year 2 team.  Ms Langdon is teaching Grade 2JH in Term One before Ms Howarth returns from maternity leave in Term Two.


Throughout Term One, students will be focusing on the theme “About Me - Where do I come from?” This topicis an excellent way for the children to get to know their new classmates as they will be participating in a range of cultural activities which will culminate in Harmony Day celebrations at the end of Term. Teachers will also revise the importance of the 4Cs (Care, Courtesy, Cooperation and Common sense) which are the core values of Dandenong North Primary School.  

We promote and encourage nightly reading for all students in Year 2 as it is a way for parents to help their child with their learning. Mathletics details have also been sent home with readers. Mathletics is an excellent resource to revise what has been taught in the classroom. Those students who need extra support with reading will attend the Reading Intervention Program and will have tasks to complete on a nightly basis


We look forward to a productive year in 2018!


Grade 2 Team


1/2 Area Enquiries

Year 1 Area Leader

Sally Parsons


Year 2 Area Leader

Hardev Singh


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9794 7899

1/2 Noticeboard

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Tuesday 30th January

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