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Swimming Program

Our swimming program for the preps has been in full swing this past fortnight. The preps are having a lot of fun learning to swim and to be safe around water. They are showing a lot of independance getting themselves changed every day and the teachers are amazed at how grown up they are all getting- very much ready for grade 1! Each day the preps learn to kick, float and breathe properly in the water. They also undertake saftey training which teaches them how to, rescue someone in the water, signal for help or get themselves to saftey in deeper water. Water saftey and swimming skills are very important for the students to learn. Thank you to our parents for supporting this vital program. 

Art Competition

Congratulations to all our students who participated in the Prep Art Competition. Our art teacher Mrs Saunders had such a wonderful time looking at all the amazing pieces of work that the students submitted. Well done to our winners, Lea (PN), Sahana (PH), Maevis (PH) and Aziz (PM).

Mini Beast Incursion 

This term our Prep children have been learning all about “creepy crawlies” with their unit on “Mini Beasts.” There have been lots of interesting facts learned about these creepy crawlies and they were all happy to get up close to some of these mini beasts last Thursday, when Kara from Reptile Encounters came for a visit. Kara brought along stick insects, giant beetles, acentipede, a tarantula, a scorpion, a green tree frog, and a frilled neck lizard. The Preps loved having the opportunity to witness first hand these “mini (and not so mini) beasts”! There were a lot of very brave individuals who faced their fears and held some of the creatures - in particular the cockroach caused children to squeal as its movements tickled their hands! What a great, interactiveevent which allowed the children to experience first hand, the mini beasts that they have been learning all about!


Welcome back to Term 4!



Welcome back to our prep students and their families. It is our fourth and final term together before the preps move to grade 1. Coming up this term;

  • Prep Transition- Please enrol any children wishing at attend DNPS next year in Prep
  • Creepy Crawly Incursion
  • Swimming Program
  • School Concert - last week of school

Teddy Bear Hospital



This term, the Prep students are learning about ‘The Community’ and the people in the community who can help us. The Monash University Medical Students visited the Preps with their ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’. The Teddy Bear hospital allows the Prep students to explore aspects of visiting the doctor in a safe and friendly environment. The Preps learnt about healthy food choices, germs, washing their hands, broken bones, applying plaster, injections and using medical equipment such as stethoscopes. Under the watchful eyes of the student doctors, the Preps were able to practise their skills on their favourite teddy bears.  The Prep students had a wonderful time and DNPS thanks the Monash Medical students for coming to see us again. 




Road Safety with Miss Kerry



Following on from the Preps trip to the Traffic School, this week the preps have been learning about crossing the road safely. We were incredibly lucky to have our very own crossing lady, Miss Kerry come into each prep classroom this week to run a road safety lesson. Miss Kerry taught the Preps about crossing the road using the school crossings close to school. The preps then headed outside to practise waiting behind the line, listening for 2 whistles before crossing and walking between the flags and crossing lines. The Preps would like to thank Miss Kerry for her time and we encourage all families to use the school crossing when coming to and from school.



100 days of school!


On Tuesday 24th July the Prep students celebrated 100 days of school! This ‘100 days of school’ is extra special for the preps as it is their FIRST 100 days of learning. As we celebrated on Tuesday we reflected on how far our Prep students have already come. In the morning the Preps celebrated with their teachers in their classroom exploring the number 100. In the afternoon the preps came together and shared rotations The Preps spent time in other teachers’ classrooms with a mix of Preps from other grades. There was a lot of fun and laughter.










 Welcome back to Term 3


The year is certainly going quickly and we now start our third term of Prep at Dandenong North Primary school. The term promises to be yet another exciting adventure for the Preps as they begin to learn about ‘People in the Community’. The theme studies this term will see the Preps visited by the Medical Students at Monash University for the annual ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ and a trip to the ‘Traffic School’ to learn about road safety awareness and pedestrian skills.


A few things of interest to note for term 3 include;


*School Dental- The school dental program will be visiting our school this term. You will be sent home a form to sign to allow for the dentist to give your child a check-up and perform any treatments if needed. 


*Footsteps Movement Program- for the first 5 weeks of term, the whole school will participate in the fun and exciting 'Footsteps’ movement program. Each session runs for 30mins as part of their Sport program.


*2019 Prep Enrolments- The school is now taking enrolments for 2019 prep grades. If you, or any friends and families around you, have a future prep student for the year 2019, please come into the office soon to enrol.  Early enrolment helps the school and prep staff to begin



Myuna Farm


On Monday 30th April, the Prep students had their first school excursion to Myuna Farm. In term 2, the students learn about life on the farm and this excursion provides them with a wonderful chance to experience farm life, first hand.


After their exciting trip on the bus, the Preps enjoyed a show put on by Farmer Dan and his talking cockatoo, Joey and if they were brave enough, they had the opportunity to milk Ebony the goat. After the show, the Preps enjoyed a train ride past the paddocks, down to the wetlands to see the ducks and the colony of bats resting high in the canopy.


The children enjoyed patting the rabbits and guinea pigs in the farm’s nursery and excitedly roamed around the nursery looking at the lizards and snakes in the reptile house, patting the sheep and the goats in the pens and holding their noses while looking at the baby piglets!


A huge hit with the Preps, as always, was the chance to feed the sheep, goats, kangaroos, deer and camels in the paddocks. Hands full of chaff, students fed and patted greedy animals that pushed against the fences to get to the food.


On the return bus trip, tired Prep children chattered noisily the day’s adventures. Amongst the students, the train ride to the wetlands and feeding the animals in the paddocks appeared to be trip favourites. The Prep Team would like to thank Myuna Farm for another wonderful and well organised excursion. 



Term 2


With a successful Term 1 behind us, we turn our focus toward a very busy and exciting Term 2. 


This term, the Preps have started assembly. We have our Prep assembly every Monday morning in the multi-purpose room. Each week, we award our star student awards. We would love to welcome our prep parents to join us. 



 In Term 2 the Preps will be learning about ‘The Farm’. The students will discover farm animals and how they live, animal life-cycles, as well as the journey our food takes from the farm to our plate.  They will enjoy their first excursion to Myuna Farm to build their knowledge about farm animals. They will also have the opportunity to watch chickens hatching and the first few weeks of the chick's life at school.


We’d like to remind our families that there are a few days to note during Term 2. Please use the calendar to the right of the screen to note these in your diaries. 




The Prep classes this year are again using the Seesaw App in their classrooms. Seesaw is a great way to connect with your child's learning at school. When connected to your child's journal, you will be able to see some of the work that they are doing in class. You can connect multiple people to your child's journal so the whole family can share in your child's school journey. 


You will have received instructions from your child's teacher on how to connect to Seesaw. If you are having any problems, please see your classroom teacher for assistance. 


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Welcome to 2018!

The Preps have had a great start to school and have settled in well to life at Primary school. They are starting to participate in specialist classes such as; Art, Library and Sport (P.E). Inside the classroom the Preps are learning about their classroom routines and getting to know their teacher and fellow classmates. 


The Preps will be going full time from Monday 26th February. 


Each Prep child is now taking home their folder each night. Inside their folder is their reader, handwriting practise and sight words. Please take a few minutes to practise these every night- no more than 30 mins. It is best if the students develop a routine with their homework every night. At home, students may do their homework in little 10 mins blocks (10 mins handwriting, break, 10 mins reading, break, 10 mins sight  words) or depending on your own child, it may be easiest for them to complete their homework all in one go.


It is very important that the students go to bed early so they are well rested for their day at school. It is very hard for the students to learn when they are tired. We encourage all our families to set a routine for the students to follow daily to help them settle in.



If you ever have any concerns, please see your classroom teacher as soon as possible. If you would like to see us in the morning, please come at 8.45am, as we must begin teaching at 9am. If you would prefer to discuss issues after 3.15pm, please be aware, we must dismiss the class safely first before we are able to talk to you.



We are looking forward to a fantastic year!

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