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Welcome back to Term 3


The year is certainly going quickly and we now start our third term of Prep at Dandenong North Primary school. The term promises to be yet another exciting adventure for the Preps as they begin to learn about ‘People in the Community’. The theme studies this term will see the Preps visited by the Medical Students at Monash University for the annual ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ and a trip to the ‘Traffic School’ to learn about road safety awareness and pedestrian skills.

A few things of interest to note for term 3 include;

*School Dental- The school dental program will be visiting our school this term. You will be sent home a form to sign to allow for the dentist to give your child a check-up and perform any treatments if needed.

*Footsteps Movement Program- for the first 5 weeks of term, the whole school will participate in the fun and exciting 'Footsteps’ movement program. Each session runs for 30mins as part of their Sport program.

*2018 Prep Enrolments- The school is now taking enrolments for 2018 prep grades. If you, or any friends and families around you, have a future prep student for the year 2018, please come into the office soon to enrol.  Early enrolment helps the school and prep staff to begin


Conclusion Term 2

At the last assembly of Term 2, we awarded our extra special ‘School Spirit’ Awards. In place of the usual ‘Star of the Week’, the school spirit award recognises students who are role models for the others to look up to. Nominees consistently demonstrate the schools 4 C’s (Care, Courtesy, Common-sense & Cooperation) and dedicate themselves to learning. There is one student from each of the prep grades who is nominated for the award and one student is selected as the terms ‘School Spirt’ winner. 


The Prep team would like to congratulate our amazing term 2 ‘School Spirit’ award winners.

Prep A- Jaskaran

Prep H- Evania

Prep K-Vigashni

Prep M- Abana

Prep N- Isaac

Prep W- Mushab


Prep Area School Spirit Award Winner- Taskeen (Prep O)

 "Taskeen has been nominated for the School Spirit Award this second term due to her happy, caring and positive attitude towards all learning tasks. Taskeen always comes to school wanting to learn and do her very best. She follows the 4 Cs and helps her friends to do the same. Taskeen will ask questions if she is unsure and seeks her teacher's advice to help her produce her best work. Well done Taskeen, you are a Su-per Star! "




Chicken Hatching

Last Monday the prep building was abuzz with excitement. Shortly before lunchtime our chicken eggs and incubator were delivered. The preps inspected the eggs closely for signs of hatching while learning about the incubator.

On Wednesday morning, after 2 days of watching, excited preps arrived at school to see signs of chickens hatching. By the end of the day, we had 4 chicks successfully hatched. By Thursday afternoon, the preps were proud parents to 10 fluffy yellow chicks. In class, the students are learning about the life-cycle of a chicken and what it needs to live happily.

Our chickens will be with us until the 3rd of June, before they return to the farm to finish growing. We encourage our parents to come and have a look at the chickens and ask their children what they have learnt about the chickens while they are with us. Next week, when the chickens are slightly bigger, each prep child will be given the opportunity to hold and interact with our baby chicks.

Our Myuna Farm Trip


On Monday 1st May, the Prep building was filled with the excited chatter of the children as they headed out for their first big excursion, to Myuna Farm. The students have been learning about life on a farm, so this excursion provides them with a wonderful chance to experience farm life, first hand.

After their first exciting trip on the bus to the farm, the Preps then enjoyed riding around on the train which took them through different areas of the farm. They saw animals up close that they have never experienced before - like 'Buffy' the Water Buffalo.

A huge hit with the children, as always, was the chance to pat the rabbits and guinea pigs in the farms nursery. Feeding the sheep, goats and cows provided more entertainment with the squeals of delighted children, ringing out! On the return bus trip, the children noisily recounted the days adventure that they had experienced. Amongst the students, the train ride to the wetlands and feeding the animals in the paddocks appear to be trip favourites. The Prep Team would like to thank Myuna Farm for another wonderful excursion. 


Welcome back- Term 2

With a successful Term 1 behind us, we turn our focus toward a very busy and exciting Term 2. 


In Term 2 the Preps will be learning about ‘The Farm’. The students will discover farm animals and how they live, animal life-cycles, as well as the journey our food takes from the farm to our plate.  They will enjoy their second outside excursion to Myuna Farm to build their knowledge about farm animals. They will also have the opportunity to watch chickens hatching and the first few weeks of the chick's life at school.


We’d like to remind our families that there are a few days to note during Term 2. Please use the calendar to the right of the screen to note these in your diaries. 


Conclusion Term 1 


After 9 incredible and jam packed weeks, Term 1 has come to a close. We wish our students and their families a restful break and look forward to welcoming you back in 2 weeks. During the latter part of Term 1, we had our school photos. The school photos normally arrive early in Term 2. They will be handed out by your classroom teacher when they arrive at school.


At the end of Term 1, we awarded our ‘School Spirit’ Awards. The ‘School Spirit’ award is extra special; it recognises students who consistently demonstrate the schools 4 C’s (Care, Courtesy, Common-sense & Cooperation) and dedicate themselves to learning. The ‘School Spirit’ nominees are role models for the other students to look up to. Each grade nominates a student for the award, and in each area (Prep, 1-2, 3-4 & 5-6), 1 student is chosen to receive the ‘School Spirit’ award and trophy.


Our Prep Nominees were; 

Prep A- Anjoa

Prep K- Tasbeeh-Zahra

Prep H- Ashvik

Prep M- Rishag

Prep O- Srivinaya

Prep W- Areesh

Prep Area School Spirit Award Winner- Deetya (Prep N)

Our First Excursion- A Trip to Bunnings


A prep child’s first excursion is always special, as it signals their growth into school. With this in mind, a trip to the local Bunnings store was a wonderful introduction into how we behave when on a school excursion. On Tuesday 21st of March, throughout the morning the prep classes took turns walking down to Bunnings. On the way there, students were taught about crossing the road safely and staying with their excursion buddy.  At Bunnings, the Preps learnt about planting and planted their very own lettuce plant with Bunnings staff member Anne. After planting, Anne taught the prep children how to care for their lettuce plants. The excursion finished with a quick tour of Bunnings. We thank Anne and the Bunnings team for their time and the care they showed us. 

Update- March

After a successful transition to primary school, the Preps have settled in and now attend school full time. As part of their full time schedules, the Preps now attend all specialist classes. During the week each Prep grade attends PMP (sport/Perceptual Motor Program) with Mr Malone, library with Mrs Saunders and Ipads (ICT) with their classroom teachers. Every second week, they attend Art with Mrs Saunders.



Each Prep child is now taking home their folder each night. Inside their folder is their reader, handwriting practise and sight words. Please take a few minutes to practise these every night- no more than 30 mins. It is best if the students develop a routine with their homework every night. At home, students may do their homework in little 10 mins blocks (10 mins handwriting, break, 10 mins reading, break, 10 mins sight  words) or depending on your own child, it may be easiest for them to complete their homework all in one go.



If you ever have any concerns, please see your classroom teacher as soon as possible. If you would like to see us in the morning, please come at 8.45am, as we must begin teaching at 9am. If you would prefer to discuss issues after 3.15pm, please be aware, we must dismiss the class safely first before we are able to talk to you. 

Welcome to 2017!

The Prep Team is very excited to welcome our new cohort of Prep students to D.N.P.S.

This year is our biggest yet and we are looking forward to a wonderful year with our new classes.

As part of their transition to primary school, new Prep students will be attending school from 9am-2pm from the January 31st until February 24th.

From Monday 27th February the Preps will attend school normally between the hours of 9am- 3.15pm.

It is very important that the students go to bed early so they are well rested for their day at school. It is very hard for the students to learn when they are tired. We encourage all our families to set a routine for the students to follow daily to help them settle in.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to your child's teacher before the school bell or after school when the students have been dismissed. 


Looking forward to a successful year,

The DNPS Prep Team

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